View Full Version : Holston High Point to AT on Iron Mt

2008-11-10, 12:17
Recently took a short hike on the Iron Mt. Trail south out of Damascus. Went west across Crossover Mt. to the old AT (Holston Mt Trail) and followed it to the communications complex past Low Gap campground. Bushwacked from there to Hwy 91. Shit got confusing there as I couldn't find a way to bushwack back up Iron Mt with out going through someones back yard or private property. I had to do some serious road walking to get to a place where I could get into the wilderness area so that I could finish my walk to Carver Gap. Any body know of a place where Gov property hits 91 in the area of Blue Hole Rd/ Buladean or any trails in that area that would get me near the AT on Iron Mt?