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2008-11-15, 22:43
Hey all, I've been playing around with some DIY stove stuff, and looking at the caldera keg (http://www.antigravitygear.com/proddetail.php?prod=TDCKEG) recently. I stumbled across a couple of things I think are really cool and since I've gotten so much good advice here I couldn't help but share this.

(See Below Photos) I found out that the inside diameter of a 24 oz Heineken Keg is just a hair bigger than the outside diameter of a Foster's 25 oz can. I took a Heineken can and cut it just below the top swell (And rolled it down to give it an outside lip) This fits snugly over a Foster's can... It holds 18 fl oz, but I need a better scale to get a real idea of what it weighs. It can be a good double boiler/baker for a keg pot cooking system, (My original Idea was to heat a beverage in that while boiling water below) and it still works as a lid in that configuration.

My next tip is on some cans that I have just run across. Monster energy drink now comes in 32 oz cans that have the exact same diameter as the Foster's can. (They are just taller), and their is a new energy drink that I have just started seeing around here called venom. It comes in a thick aluminum bottle with a screw on/ off lid. If you need to carry a metal bottle for some reason these weigh less than a SIG bottle, cost less than $3 and I like the energy drink they come with.

Goodnight all,
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