View Full Version : Scarlet & Wildflower's 2007 CDT Adventure?

2008-11-26, 17:08
I recently stumbled on this (web site: www.scarletandwildflower.com (http://www.scarletandwildflower.com/)). It sounds a little different. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it. I'd like to be as tough as them when I grow up. -- Dave (http://ultralighter.blogspot.com/)

2008-11-27, 00:21
Yeah I've seen it. I enjoy it. Lots of scenary, and I'm starting to get excited for a potential CDT hike. If you want a professional documentary, this may not be your cup of tea, but it was honest and real. They seemed like they kept unreasonably high spirits through the trip, unless it was the editing that did that.

Thanks for reminding me, I owe those ladies a donation. Job well done!