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2003-01-08, 12:38
I am starting on March 29th on Springer. That is unless I buy the house that I am currently looking at. :D

If I buy the house, I will be starting in June in Waynesboro, VA which is where I left off last year.

See the rest of you 2003er out there!

2003-01-08, 17:58
I'll be starting First or second week of March. If I don't buy this VW bus i've been eyeing recently. If I do then I'm gonna be doing some travelling/hiking/camping all over the US this spring and summer instead of the AT.

2003-01-08, 20:43
I'm planning on heading out of Springer the morning of 3/29. Flying into Atlanta a week earlier to visit friends and if that goes bust I may head out sooner. Getting antsy ...can't wait to be back on the AT

2003-01-08, 21:15
I plan to start 3-28 or 3-29 depending how I finally decide to get to Springer, ie bus or fly. I going to try and find a shuttle to get me to USFS Road 42, do the short hike up to Springer, and head north toward home. I will probable fly if the price is right. I will only start with 3 days food plus an emergency freeze dried meal that I will keep in the bottom of the pack.


2003-01-08, 21:22
We plan to start at Springer on May 2, the earliest possible date due to classes I'm teaching this spring.

Duane & Laura

2003-01-08, 22:09
Supposedly I'll start April 1st, April fools day!
House! VW Bus! Tent's not good enough for you guy's?

2003-01-08, 22:42
Planning on heading out March 23. Someone please make the calendar go faster!! Hope to see all of you on the trail on the journey North.

2003-01-08, 22:50
Originally posted by Redbeard
House! VW Bus! Tent's not good enough for you guy's?

Does a house without electricity and indoor plumbing make up for above comments? It's almost like a tent- it just won't be blown over by the wind and will be more flood proof in the middle of the night. And let's hope that I don't have to hang my food from a hook on the ceiling. :D

2003-01-08, 23:17
Planning on starting March 11th. Can't wait to get on the trail!

2003-01-09, 01:47
Mid-March, if everything turns out. Either that or I have to look for a (blech) job...

2003-01-09, 07:53
Hope to start my 2003 Section Hike (Springer Mt. to Damascus, VA) March 15th. Can't wait. Hoping to meet a lot of you on the trail.

Hydromagnt: D :D :D

Bandana Man
2003-01-09, 13:41
Starting at Rock Gap shelter and heading north. Hope to get thru the Smokies this year. 95 days and counting...

Lone Wolf
2003-01-09, 14:29
SPRINGER>DAMASCUS First day of spring.

2003-01-09, 15:53
within' the next week i'll be at the falls , got to get some clothes to fit my fat ass after sitting around this computer for six months, but nows the time to go and I need some self reflection and no crowds for awhile, I just hope when I get to Damascus Lone Wolf has a hot looking babe for me and a tall glass of Pepsi, instead of that sawed off shotgun and clear urine in a glass jar:D

2003-01-14, 11:11
i keep juggling my start date daily it seems.

the latest, a friend wants me to hike the Pinhoti trail (100+ miles) with him before i set off on the AT. however, the dates he can hike (mid/late march) pretty much coinside with my planned AT start date. i guess i could hike the Pinhoti with him as a kind of warm-up, but i'm loathe to add miles to my hike. i'd rather warm-up on the AT.

in 2000. i planned and planned and planned some more. this year, not much planning going on. i'm in no way ready to thru-hike and that's the way i like it. btw - i don't recommend this to anyone. i hiked 1,400+ miles of the AT in 2000, so i know what to expect. i have all the gear i need and my obligations here at home are trivial.

i think late march is as close as i can get to a start date. no doubt, i'll start whenever my friends will be able to see me off.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-14, 14:43
My target date is March 27. Hope to miss the worst of the March weather that way.

Chief, it might be tough to do the Pinhoti and then turn right around and start the AT. I want to do the Alabama Pinhoti. It's 111 miles, if I remember correctly, and there is no resupply for large stretches. I figured I might have to cache food since I can't carry a lot of weight.

I have camped off the Georgia Pinhoti, but was not in shape to hike then, so have only seen glimpses of it.

I think I'll wait on the Pinhoti until after the AT hike when longing for the trail gets to me. Kind of a quick fix!

They are working on joining the Pinhoti to the AT. In a way I am very sad because parts of the Pinhoti are so wild and so little used. When it becomes part of the AT, it will become a cattle trail, I am afraid.

2003-01-15, 11:29
sharon, i really want to hike the AL pinhoti one day. i've had tentative plans that never seemed to work out. now since i'm intent on doing an AT thru-hike this year, i don't even want to think about another trail. seems a shame to live in alabama and have never hiked the state's best trail. one day i will!

SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 12:01
I have a friend that is a trail maintainer on the Pinhoti. We did some e-mails about that this summer. As I remember it there was a 1/2 mile stretch that would finish the Pinhoti in Alabama that was going to be finished by October. I'll look it up because it also included some links.

2003-01-16, 15:36
Heading north March,4 2003 from springer -chandler

Paul L.
2003-01-23, 23:26
I am looking to hit Springer on 3/13/03 -- See you all on the trail.

Paul L. (NY)

2003-02-01, 02:16
I'm not going this year, but I hope to see
some of you while I'm on my day hikes in Pennsy,
especially the stretch from Port Clinton to the Water Gap.
May your pack be light and your blisters be few.

2003-05-15, 20:09
I ran into my first thru hikers on the trail today. 'Red hair stranger' & 2 others. so cool. they were high mileaging it, but they did stop and talk for a while. this was the earliest I ve seen thru hikers at Port Clinton. made me wish I could have joined them this year.