View Full Version : Back Again

SGT Rock
2003-02-02, 00:38
I just got in today. It was a crazy day.

At about 0800 today, my commander and I were talking while waiting for our Trop to start the live fire exercise. Or motars and the howitzers were firing their registration rounds prior to us going west. All of the sudden we heard what sounded like a "Fire for effect" from an MLRS battery going off in the distance. We wondered how that could be happening and where. Main post cannot support MLRS, and when we used a compass to determine the azmuth to the noise, it was 280* - west north west. The wrong direction.

I joked that maybe someone was attacking Annocco, the commander said it might be an eathquake. About 30 minutes later or FIST NCO came to tell us he saw 5 rockets to the wst shooting at a down angle. We timed flash to bang and figre it about 93 KM away if the flash he first saw was the explosions we heard. After that, we found out it was the Columbia exploding on re-entry.

Everything was grounded and no more live fire because we were in the air-search corridore. Now we are home, unfortunately 7 people are not.

I'll talk more tommorrow.