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2008-12-11, 13:19
Hi. My name is Joel and I have begun an adventure to section hike the entire Florida Trail one weekend at a time. I have a website to document my adventures. If you would like to see videos and pictures or read blogs from the Florida Trail go to www.floridatrailproject.com . You can also email me at floridatrailproject@cox.net .

For those who have been to the site before, but not for awhile, there have been many additions to the site:

- Navigation menu to help make the website more "user friendly"
- New videos and photos
- "Bucket List" feature

Since I am only hiking on the weekends between October and April, I estimate that this adventure may take around 8 years to complete. Hopefully I will be able to see this adventure to its completion.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Joel (Trailname - Whitesnake)