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kayak karl
2008-12-21, 23:39
im leaving this Sunday 12/28 on a train to Georgia to start my NOBO. everybody says "it'll be cold you know?" as if i forgot that ONE thing in my planning:biggrin: just for the fun of it. IT WAS SO COLD........... finish it:biggrin:

Like, IT WAS SO COLD....i saw a lawyer with him hands in his own pockets.

2008-12-21, 23:48
Winter backpacking is great. but there are time it would be nice to have a little wood burning Titanium stove for heat when its BAD COLD...

2008-12-22, 00:22
it was so cold...that warrghy actually wore long pants today!

2008-12-22, 00:54
it was so cold...that warrghy actually wore long pants today!

ohh my:ahhhhh: say it isn't so!!!

Frolicking Dino
2008-12-22, 11:19
::: Dino peeks out from under a pile of down quilts at this thread :::

It was so cold that Baltimore Jack's special hydration liquid frozen solid.

2008-12-22, 12:33
...So cold, no lie
That my fire smoke would not rise
As soon as the smoke would try to depart
It'd be froze up harder than a landlord's heart

(well digger's...)

Big Mac
2008-12-22, 13:53
It was so cold here in Indiana last night - I saw a dog frozen to a fire hydrant.

2008-12-22, 13:57
It actually warmed up to about minus 10 here last night ...so I ain't complaining.


2008-12-22, 19:21
it was so cold that i saw pee freeze in 9 verticle feet. i measured it.

2008-12-22, 19:34
It was so cold my moustache broke.

kayak karl
2008-12-22, 20:56
it was so cold...hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs!

Frolicking Dino
2008-12-23, 22:42
It was so cold Paris Hilton was seen wearing panties.

2008-12-23, 22:44
I recall reading somewhere, maybe Jack London; when your spit crackled before it hit the snow, it was less than -50f. That's if it cleared your mustache, I assume.
"To build a fire" ?

2008-12-23, 23:51
It's out of the story "To Build a Fire" (Yep, that's Jack London, nice allusion Doug) can't remember exactly what it says about when spit freezes but I know -50 F was the big deal in the story. It's only like a 10-15 minute read. I highly recommend it

2008-12-24, 00:19
It was so cold words would freeze in the air had to wait tell spring to hear them.

Just Jeff
2008-12-24, 20:36
It was so cold...Rock snivelled.

2008-12-24, 22:14
It was so cold...Rock snivelled.

Now that is COLD!!:afraid::afraid::afraid:

2008-12-26, 02:24
It was so cold I put on a t-shirt for a few minutes Christmas morning! I'm in Florida. . . . .

(ducking quickly and sneaking away from the campfire . . . )


P.S. I'll never believe Rock sniveled. Never! Never! Never!

Wise Old Owl
2008-12-26, 20:17
It actually warmed up to about minus 10 here last night ...so I ain't complaining.


Footslogger doesn't feel the cold. Stronger than Jet Li, He isn't wearing pants behind that sign in his avatar! he is so devoted to the hiking cause:angel:

I kid a lot but FS is awesome!

2008-12-30, 21:47
It was so cold...Rock snivelled.

And he was wearing his No Snivelling quilt....