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2008-12-22, 20:07
I've never gone in the winter, but I'd like to extend my hiking to 4-season. I just picked up a pair of snowshoes and now I want something a little less geared towards the fluffy stuff and more suited to the icy stuff for recreational trail hiking.

I live in the greater NYC area and I plan on using one of the device-types below on trails ( no ice wall scaling, purely trails), help me pick what would be the most cost-effective, durable, easy to use, best traction on the trail:


Instep Crampons:


6-pt Heel and Instep Crampons:


2008-12-26, 11:22
I've had excellent results with the Stablicers Sport model. They stay on, are durable, and give the necessary traction for hiking on trails that are already packed by snowshoers, including icy trails.

2008-12-30, 12:48
I'm also looking for something for slippery winter trails.
I'm finding it hard to find something that will work on snowy ice and still work on wet rock.

2008-12-30, 13:22
It was a long while back, but I borrowed a pair of boots from my father to help him shovel snow. They had rubber cleats with a metal or carbide spike in the center. The idea was that if you were on hard packed snow the cleats would dig in deep (They were about the depth of a normal sports cleat) and if you were on ice the spike would come through and grab the ice. I only used them that one day, but I used them on packed snow, hard ice, and a thin layer of fresh snow over ice (Which is what always gets me) I didn't have and trouble walking or working, but I wouldn't recommend a product like that for running. I don't know what brand they were or anything like that, but it was a good enough idea that I'm sure some one is still doing something similar.

I read a bunch of reviews over at backbackgeartest.org the original stableicers are probably the closest to those boots in function, but the hiking you'll be doing would determine if you need deeper traction from a crampon, or just a cleat. Just as a side note. None of the 3 reviewers liked the stableicers light. They all said they slip off center, or fall off.

2009-01-04, 11:57
I went w/ the microspikes and so far so good on trail hiking, they dig in well, but no use on wet rocks thus far. Thanks for everyone's advice!

Ziggy Trek
2009-01-09, 00:49
Been thinking of getting a pair of Yaktrax. Maybe they don't have the bite you're looking for though.

2009-01-09, 10:12
I would not recommend the Yaktraks....I read bad reviews about them online and then last wknd saw a pair fall apart right in front of me. GL with your choice!

2009-01-09, 14:12
SGT Rock uses Yaktraks, never heard him complain about them except to say that he really didn't need them on his thru attempt last year so he sent them home.