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2008-12-31, 22:14
Books for hikers (http://www.booksforhikers.com/) is the blog of Linda Ol’ eArThworm Patton, a retired university reference librarian. The blog is quite extensive and growing all the time. I'd suggest it as a place to check out for anyone interested in reading.

-- Dave (http://ultralighter.blogspot.com/)

2009-01-02, 00:04
Awesome link... Thanks!

2009-01-02, 01:50
"You Can't Get There By Sitting Here" jumped out at me...

Hmm. Well, thanks, DC.


2010-01-20, 20:34
Congratulations...you can now get Small Worlds book about his hike in 2000. The impressive thing about this book is there is one chapter about me. There's a lot of blah, blah, blah other stuff too. Here's his site. :biggrin: http://www.rememberthecarrot.com/

texas hiker
2010-02-19, 12:08
Personally, there are 2 books that I keep in my pack - the bible, and a US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76.