View Full Version : Rei sale

2009-01-09, 01:14
hey just letting everyone know that REI is having a sale all 2008 models are marked down ...just got a REI UL 45 pack for 37$

2009-01-09, 15:29
yeah.....I"m still recovering from my trip to REI this morning

2009-01-12, 06:15
Yeah..I know I am sick to my stomach over this....went their saturday morning and got a few deals but could have racked up if ai had the money flow:banghead::banghead:

2009-01-13, 17:27
i got alot of stuff for 80$ UL 45 Pack,folding cup and plate,titanium spork, gaiters,brunton compass,and some stuff sacks...

2009-01-16, 12:22
How long is the sale going? I was thinking about heading out there the other day...now I wish I did.

2009-01-17, 03:54
wow! nice!

2009-01-17, 21:43
not sure how long it's goin on for i think untill they sell off all the old (2008) gear...i just checked on the website...there all out of the UL 45 packs...i'm glad i got one...they do have the woman size in the UL 45...thinking of getting one for the wife looking into getting a down coat for early spring late fall hikes...