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2009-01-13, 14:32
Here‘s a little something we don’t mention often; Transportation. My steel steed of choice is a 1997 Jeep Wrangler my trusty little buddy has taken me nearly everywhere I have camped in the last 10 years or so. Damn thing is just so dependable. This summer I want to drive from the Southeast to maybe the Midwest to hike some new terrain. I know the old puddle jumper will make the trip easy enough but I’ll need extra room as I plan on taking my Dutch oven propane stove and extra water and fuel. I found a couple of interesting vehicles like the “Earth Roamer” which I would love to have, but alas I don’t have the $150,000 purchase price. Judas Priest man who does?

I also found what they call Tear drop trailers which I am really leaning towards cause they got everything I need well this one company does anyway. http://tinycamper.com/index.htm The price is right, but I don’t know how durable the trailer is in rough terrain.

There is also this: http://www.tentrax.com/trailers.html Now this looks pretty darn cool.
Yeah I can see myself touring the Arizona badlands in this puppy…Oh yeah.
In fact I found lots of camping trailers it’s just these fit my criteria better.

But me thinks it’s too pricey as well. Since collectively we know everything there is to know about our hobby, I was wondering if any of you folk were daydreaming about running the old logging trails of old or the great American dusty desert trails. Of course my wife told me to buy a couple of goats and just walk…The woman has no sense of adventure. A great wife and Mother mind you…(But I do have to take a drink now and then.)

2009-01-13, 14:49
Apologies if this is a bit rough but over here (UK) the tiny trailer is known as a mini caravan 1-2 person(and I thought you said you were a camper:aetsch:), although the second trailer does look qiut interesting ! but if you filled it would it not defeat the purpose of camping and getting away from it all.
Just a thought:wavey:.

2009-01-13, 15:46
Right, This is a big country and the idea is for these tools to get you to the spot you want to camp or hike. Or if you like just car camp it works both ways. Don't get me wrong mate I'am not talking about a mobile home here, or a pop-up trailer just something to haul the heavy gear from here to there and in the US of A that could be a long hall. Like a base camp, you wouldn't want to back pack in a whole base camp for a two week trip right?

Anyway it's just a thought sure does look good remember all this stuff is 4X4 just gets you closer to the back country. If I ever get to do it I'll keep you posted. Pappy

2009-01-16, 01:52
Would one of those racks that slide into your reese hitch give you enough extra cargo space. I've seen them in the northern tool catalog for under $100 and they say they will hold 500 lbs. the aluminum witht he rails all the way around it looks interesting. If looking for more security you could always bolt a large cargo box to the rack but that would definately increase the cost. sorry no link just trying to add some alternative trains of thought.

2009-01-16, 07:33
the hitches for the hitch rack can cost about $200 and will effect ground clearance a bit. I'd also think that having 500 pounds hanging off the back end of your jeep would make it sway badly. any chance of finding one of those surplus jeep trailers? those are tough enough, if a bit awkward.

2009-01-16, 10:10
Yes racks can be added on for sure on a few models as far as the sway goes the Tentrax has a 4X4 sytem build into it to avoid sway which includes electric assist brakes. However this is not optional. That is exactly why I was worried about the Tear drop, but I understand they too can come with a 4X4 package and the racks can be added.

2009-01-17, 22:36
I knew I liked you, Pappy! I've been bitten by the same bug. Only mine is a '77 CJ-5. I've got it pretty much apart in the garage right now going through it (finally) to get it back into shape now that my sons are of an age (7 and 10) that they might want to go do some backwoods Jeep camping up old logging roads here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm building a rack for it onto which I can mount my aluminum canoe too, so when we come upon those mountain lakes, we can do some fishing as well.

I've wondered the same thing about a good all-around camping setup for my Jeep. Get in a pickle on a trail and have to back up and I think I'd quickly regret the trailer. So how about this:


Probably a bit too expensive for what I'm after, but might be the cat's meow for you.

As for me, I'm studying up on hammock camping. That's primarily why I'm on this board, as a matter of fact. I've made my own, but haven't camped in it yet. I'm thinking I'll just strap a tarp between the Jeep and some trees, then set a hammock or two under it. I'm tired of sleeping on ccf pads when I'm out camping, that's for sure!

2009-01-18, 14:46
Binford brings up a good point re. backing up on a trail with a trailer.
I did a 160 mile loop in Canyonlands,Utah (actually, just south of there in the Needles Area) and at least one of the switchbacks required backing through one section as there was no room to turn even a jeep around at either end. It was about all I could do to keep between the canyon wall and the precipice driving uphill, backwards. The wife felt more secure walking up that section (as well as a few others on that trail) and she helped guide me up anyway. We did see others in the park with those little trailers, just not on that trail. Beef Basin/Ruin Park/Elephant Hill trail, for those wondering. It was spectacular.

2009-01-19, 10:07
Wow! I’d like the blue prints for that rig. You guys are right had not really thought out the backing part. That 4X4 seemed small enough to manhandle. Needs more research or as they say back to the drawing board.

Binford, Over the years we have had a blast Jeep camping, of course we still use our hammocks. (Once I even tied off to the roll bar) Old logging roads are great my son says they are the Interstate system for most all animals we’ve seen Boar Deer, Coyote even bears traveling those abandon by-ways.

The kids like it because we can bring some extras like the Dutch oven with all its accessories, coolers, the heavier sleeping bags and stuff like that. We set up a nice base-camp then go hiking or fishing during the day. We only carry small day packs and make short hikes 4 miles out 4 miles back.

Plus with the Jeep I can carry extra cigars and the Brandy that goes with them. Makes for the end of a grand day…Well as long as I don’t break out in song.

2009-01-26, 13:09
Got any pictures of your hammock tied off to the Jeep, Pappy? Or even any base camp pictures with your Jeep and hammocks. Boy, that would get me inspired to get my CJ done! I'm pretty close to finished. My wife is now encouraging me to finish by the end of February. I think she wants her garage back...

But if you or other hammock-campers have any pictures of your base camps, I'd be interested in checking them out.

2009-01-27, 13:39
I love my 01 4x4 Xterra. In low range I think I could even climb a tree if I had too...

2009-01-27, 15:43
I love my 01 4x4 Xterra. In low range I think I could even climb a tree if I had too...

Yup going up be great its that back down that hurt

2009-01-29, 17:41
My ride would by my '94 Caravan. Take the seats out of the back and I have plenty of room for gear or sleeping space. The lack of 4WD and lots of clearance means I have to take the tamer two tracks but so far it's worked for me.

My model has a "tailgating" switch which shuts off the dome lights so you can sit with the sliding door and tailgate open without draining the battery.

I've even cooked inside it using an alchy stove and a fireproof base on the back floor.

2009-02-02, 14:47
Buddy I have been getting all kinds of gadgets for Christmas just for that purpose, I suppose I need to start using that stuff.
One thing about the Jeep the time I used it for the hammock was in a meadow and I was waiting on a trail in a meadow for some friends. The few tree's were too far apart so I had to tie off to the Jeep.

It was not a comfortable night as everytime I moved so did the jeep and I have good shocks. In the summer I rarely have top on so I was able to tie off to the top of the roll bar. I did try the side of the roll bar, but the tie off kept slipping.

The tie off will do in a pinch but you can't beat the stability of two trees.

Wise Old Owl
2009-02-14, 14:45
Very interesting thread. I have two ideas to bounce off you folks. The first is the Pontiac Vibe! the car has fold down seats that accept 6 foot folks and includes a voltage inverter for AC from the dash!. Roof Rack for gear or adding a bike, and I added a hitch for towing. 30 MPG! I have put the mountain bikes on the back and the 14 foot kayaks on the top, and slept inside or taken the hammock. Loads of room for the gear!. I will get a picture this spring...

2nd Idea - well used, after a very cold night in Altoona Pa, Both my dad & I had some frost bite and he being retired and 70 years old, had enough. So we picked this Ford Vista (1973) up for $4000. Sleeps four-Or two really big snoorers! We have done a lot of rewiring, installed a microwave, inverter, and working on a solar panel backup. Welcome a comfy land yaght. Oh it has a shower, toilet, AC, mountain bike rack, and eventually HDTV.


Wise Old Owl
2009-02-19, 16:40