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SGT Rock
2003-02-02, 11:30
BOB - BOB stands for Big Orange Ball. It is the sun's true name, used to address the sun or talk about him. Example: "I wonder if Bob is ever going to come out today?" or "Good morning Bob, glad you could make it, because it has been pretty darn cold lately" or "Bob, could you please turn it down? It's too darn hot."

Hog On Ice
2003-02-02, 18:44
I have been corrupted by TT - BOB is just a form of electrical entertainment - see the other Bob thread

SGT Rock
2003-02-02, 18:46
The other BOB = battery Opperated Boyfriend. Never knew that was a trail term LOL

2004-12-22, 17:04
Break out box. Keep all of my packing stuff in an old foot locker so I know where it all is. All my gun stuff in 3 more footlockers. :biggrin: