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2009-01-16, 22:11
This may be an outdated subject but anyway, I've recently read a couple of reviews about sleeping bags and there differences but most (In the U.S) seem to be using a bag by nanatuke (hopefully spelled right) I also read a review by Sgt rock about snugpak's black on red and would have to agree with most of his comments. The bag it's self is quite flat and doesn't loft overly much, It's rating can go just below recommended but only if conditions are right (but then so can most bags) but as someone who used one for quit a few years and still has it I can say I've used much worse (usually ex-army and Impractical).
Yes Sgt rock is half right they have stopped the bag but it can still be found under other model codes, I myself am currently using another snugpak model (sleeper lite square) which I find for camping is fine as there's plenty of room and then when indoors the bag unzips to form a blanket, I've moved away from traditional mummy bags (so far) as I found under demanding work or hurried situations waking up to find the zip under you and a bag that's neat isn't the best to get out of in a hurry hence the change, also most seem to favour the blanket approach when using a hammock.
I don't know about availability of snugpak in the U.S but for the UK It is one of the best you can buy, and yes I would have to agree also that keeping the bag open when not being used is best or even hanging it outside for a day or so can freshen a bag up.

2009-01-16, 22:14
Above not spelled right should be nunatak sorry