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Buddha Bear
2003-01-31, 12:01
· Backpacking Duffel: A duffel bag large enough to hold a full-size, fully packed backpack. Used to transport the pack to and from trailheads via airplanes or trains, it minimizes the chances of straps getting snagged and thieves stealing from the outer pockets.
· Badlands: This refers to regions with little or no vegetation, poor soils and topography deeply dissected by erosion that is unfit for agriculture. Desolate and unpopulated these mazes of washes, arroyos and canyons were ideal hideouts for thieves and rustlers during the mid to late 19th century. This only added to the already bad reputation such places had with native peoples. Today many areas once considered badlands are challenging places to go bushwhacking and never see another person.
· Bald: A low elevation mountain surrounded by forest yet devoid of trees on the crown. Typically covered with meadows, balds can offer great views and are often a good place to find wild berries such as raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. They also attract much wildlife.
· Bandana: square cotton cloth with a vast variety of uses on the trail
· Base Layer: The layer of clothing closest to the skin.
· Base Line: A line of reference that crosses your path of travel. Use a baseline to make following a bearing easier.
· Bathtub Floor: A leakproof, usually detachable tent floor that folds upwards at edges of tent to connect to tent walls a few inches off the ground, preventing leakage from ground-level seams. Detachable ones offer the option of going floorless on dry ground.
· Bear Bag: A camp game in which contestants attempt to hoist a heavy container of food onto a fragile tree limb without breaking the limb. The winner must place the bag a sufficient distance from both the trunk of the tree and the ground.
· Bear Country - an area known to accommodate bears. A place where you hope you are faster than your buddy.
· Bearing: the direction of travel from your current position to a landmark or destination expressed in degrees from 1 to 360. Also called an Azimuth
· Bench mark: a permanent object, either natural or man-made, with a known elevation that can be used as a reference point when navigating. Back at home, your favorite pub.
· Bivouac: The site where a tent is set up.
· Bivy Sack: A small one-man tent with one, two or zero poles.
· Bladder: Flexible water container usually made of nylon or plastic.
· Blow-down: shallow soil is a poor anchor for trees. Strong winds knock over swaths of timber, creating a difficult or impossible blockage in the trail.
· Bluff: In topographic terms a bluff is a steep rise that has a rounded face and flat top. In hiking terms a bluff can mean some uphill hoofing. A bluff is smaller than an escarpment.
· Boil Time: The amount of time it takes one liter of water to reach the boiling point at a given elevation.
· Booties - a type of down shoe that is worn in the winter to keep the feet nice and toasty.
· British Thermal Unit (BTU): The measurement of energy required to raise one pound of water on degree Fahrenheit.
· BLM: Bureau of Land Management The modern BLM was created in 1946 when the General Land Office and the Grazing Service were merged within the Department of the Interior. The land that the Bureau manages is separate from other government agencies such as the Park Service, Forest Service and comprises about 43% of total U.S. land (270 million acres) Most of the holdings are in western states and Alaska. Besides mining and livestock grazing BLM land offer a plethora of recreational opportunities.
· Bubba’s: Car campers who insist on blaring Gun’s and Roses until 1:00 am while drinking large amounts of Natural Light. Most Bubba’s will be driving 4x4 trucks with Calvin’s urinating on something, and will be decked from head to toe in NASCAR apparel. Approach with extreme caution.
· Burn Time: The amount of time a camp stove or lantern will burn given its capacity of fuel.
· Bushwhacking: The art of cutting your legs up, significantly increasing the possibility of being stung by bees, getting bitten by snakes, getting lost, breaking a limb.