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SGT Rock
2003-01-08, 00:25
My wife is laughing her ass off at me and this site. She wants to know why I went to all this trouble to bring this site back if none of you are going to post LOL!

Remember the thread: Lurkers are Cool? Well they still are, but y'all need to get off your dead asses :D

2003-01-08, 01:35

2003-01-08, 01:44
sarge, you freakin' rule for bringing back this forum!! looks great so far. i'll try to help spread the word. any other help you need (financial or other?) just gimme a shout. - chief

2003-01-08, 02:37
Yeah! and it may be possible to block Pop ups with out spending money.
Adaware has free software to block the stuff, but it needs constant attention. The free software may only work on individual Pcs. I get a fraction of the pop-ups on the rest of the web.

2003-01-08, 03:49
Never mind the Ad aware, the free stuff is only for personal home use.
The page is actually www.lavasoft.com

Wander Yonder
2003-01-08, 06:47
Am I ever glad to see this forum! I couldn't believe it when the other one disappeared.

Thanks, guys! :D

I don't see any popups, but if anyone is looking for a good popup stopper, here's a great one. I originally got it from Z-net. Scroll down until you see the free version. http://www.panicware.com/product_downloads.html

Hammock Hanger
2003-01-08, 09:30
Glad to see we are BACK!!

Hey, wait a minute I'm not even listed in the top 10 posters!!! Guess I'll have to let my fingers do some hiking....

Na, maybe I'lljust lurk for awahile. Hammock Hanger

2003-01-08, 12:09
Coming out of lurk mode so we won't get yelled at anymore :)

2003-01-08, 13:08
Originally posted by Hammock Hanger
Glad to see we are BACK!!

Hey, wait a minute I'm not even listed in the top 10 posters!!! Guess I'll have to let my fingers do some hiking....

Na, maybe I'lljust lurk for awahile. Hammock Hanger

HH- whether you are in the top 10 posters or just lurk, we like you anyway. :D You have some great advice and some humorous posts.

2003-01-08, 15:53
Glad to see the forum is alive and well even though I'd just started lurking at the previous -- been through forum changes lots of time on the sailing boards.

Had a great time over Thanksgiving. We RV'd at Vogel State Park in N. Georgia (about 11 mi. from Blairsville and 3 mi. from Neel's Gap/AT.

Tuesday I had a chance to hike the AT from Neel's Gap north to Hogpen Gap with my neighbors from here in Florida -- the father and son had been up here last summer with scouts.

Wednesday I hiked the Bear Hair Trail in Vogel SP. It was wet and cool but a great hike. Hopefully next time I'm up that way I'll overnight on the Coosa Backcountry trail.

Thankgiving day after dinner at Amacalola Falls Inn I hiked down to the Welcome Center and back up. That certainly settled the meal!

And on Friday I did Neel's Gap south over Blood Mountain to Slaughter Gap - there I blue trailed to Winfield Scott Lake (couldn't find the connector trail to the Coosa Backcountry trail :() and then road hiked back to Vogel (seven mother-lovin' miles with no shoulders on the road and 3500 feet up through Wolf Pen Gap, thank you very much!).

I had a GREAT time -- the spousal unit thinks I've got a terminal case of AT fever (if only I didn't have a MORTGAGE!). So far I've built four soda can stoves (gotta have spares), sewn loops to the bottom of my day pack (gotta have somewhere to hang the windshield reflector!), ordered my Hennessey Hammock (thanks Rock for the reviews), and got my Backpacker magazine subscription for Christmas. The family set me up with the subscription, a new fleece bag, a gift certificate to a local outfitter, and some other goodies for Christmas.

So, I'm hooked. I'll be heading up to Ocala Nat'l Forest this month for some Florida winter hikes. And, I'll continue my rails-to-trails hikes here locally to keep the legs in shape.

Looks like this forum is gonna be a lot of fun.


2003-01-08, 23:34
Agree with PushingDaisies....glag your back HH. Really freked out when other forum closed! Hope to contribute more to this one.

The Weasel
2003-01-08, 23:43
"Y'all need to get off your dead asses and start posting." THIS from the guy who says, "No Sniveling"!!!!

OK everyone, let's keep the Sarge from degenerating into a wussy sniveler, and stop his wife from laughing at him (at least because of THIS forum...Mrs. Sarge is free to laugh at him for almost anything else other than Duty, Honor, Country). Everyone post something.

Anything for the Sarge!

The Weasel

2003-01-09, 00:15
Hi Weasel,

Just for fun, the temp on Mt Washington at 6pm today was 1 degree with 81 mph winds.


Uncle Wayne
2003-01-09, 02:47
Glad to get the message about this site. Looking forward to my daily journey on the AT with all of you.