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2003-01-08, 13:00
A highly recommended stop in VA is the 4 Pines Hostel, which is between Dragon's Tooth and McKaffe Knob.

The owner converted his three stall garage into a hostel with cots (hay bales, also), a small "kitchen" area, and a shower and bathroom.

A short walk off the trail.

2003-01-08, 13:21
Does anyone know when 4 Pines Hostel opens for the season? Do they do any shuttles?

2003-01-08, 15:43
When we went through in 01 we camped on the convient store's lawn. The owners were pretty grumpy about it for some reason. A hostel was really needed in that area because a) we desperately needed showers, and couldn't get any and b) we had to take a zero in order to wait for the HomePlace to open since they only open Thursday-Sunday.

Good stop though. Very relaxing for us...

Gravity Man

2003-01-08, 19:37
Originally posted by Jeff
Does anyone know when 4 Pines Hostel opens for the season? Do they do any shuttles?

They might, but I doubt it, as they have regular jobs. Their phone number is in the guide books. I don't have mine right here, so I can't look it up for you, but I will send you a pm with the number tomorrow.

There is a guy in the area that does shuttles. I don't remember him name, but he puts his business card in a couple of hotels along the way. I got his card from the Hotel that is right off the trail in Daleville. I'm not sure what he charges.

I would call the ATC as they might have info about shuttlers in that area.

2003-01-08, 20:17
Are you talking about the store across from the PO and Homeplace? There was an unknown out break of 3 apple quick step along that area that year, (I believe that was the year). Everybody was pointing fingers at that Grocery's water supply, I think it's called General Mercantile. He got irate about the whole thing and closed everything down to hikers. Like letting them sleep in his shed. I don't think they ever found out the source for the out break, but I'm pretty sure his water tested ok.

There another little store down on 311 that's getting ready to open a bigger/nicer store on the same lot. Just down from the hostel. I know last year Jim (?) from 4 pines worked there.

I've heard that he keeps a truck for hikers to use to run down to the PO and the Homeplace.

2003-01-09, 11:19
I heard that rumor too. Personally I think that it was totally bunk and the trail community really dumped on that store for no good reason. But you know how those rumors go.

When I heard the rumor it was from 2000, so it wasn't in 01. It was nice of him to let us camp on his lawn and use his bathroom. THat's about all I can say...

Gravity Man