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2009-02-12, 12:45
Any pros or cons on using liner socks -1) with boots and 2 )with low cut hiking/trail shoes. I typically wear liners with my boots but have not tried using low-cuts yet. Only problem I have noticed is wearing them in my sleeping bag during cold weather is not as efficient as using wool socks at night.

SGT Rock
2009-02-12, 13:08
I just went to ankle high running socks and have loved them.

2009-02-12, 21:53
I used liners for years with boots and never had any blister problems. Then I switched to trail runners without liners and I had a bunch of blisters after 40 miles. I now wear trail runners with short Smart Wool Adrenalines with bike socks as liners, no blister problems!

2009-02-13, 08:50
I learned the hard way in the 100 Mile about sock liners. I use them whenever I'm hiking now. They pretty much absorb all the friction that causes blisters and I haven't had any since. . . my first time out. . . bad bad badly bad blisters. . . i use simple men's thin dress socks, light weight and dry fast

2009-02-13, 10:40
I use them

lucky luke
2009-02-14, 07:35

i use (3 pairs for 1$) polyester socks for liners under my wool socks. never had a blister. and i always have dry feet. when cooking i put the socks onto the pot/lid until they are dried out and have dry stuff to wear in the morning.

i never wear socks in my sleepingbag.

happy trails
lucky luke

2009-02-14, 13:15

i use (3 pairs for 1$) i put the socks onto the pot/lid until they are dried out and have dry stuff to wear in the morning.

I love the smell of burning socks in the morning! :biggrin:

2009-02-14, 14:37
ditto warrgy. i always wear designated, clean clothes (socks, undies, etc.) in my sleeping bag. feels good to have clean clothes, and helps keep the bag fresh longer.

2009-02-22, 20:28
I use liners. I have never had a blister while hiking. My brother turned me on to them when I was young. I had silk ones, then polyester. Love them.

2009-02-23, 01:33
Polypropylene liner socks and thick Smartwool socks over that. Never had even a hint of a blister.

Bucky Katt
2009-03-04, 15:01
I picked up a pair of Fox something liner socks and wear them under smartwools with my boots and have found they feel nice in my cross trainers too with a slightly less bulky sock of course. I think they've helped cut down friction and...though my feet still sweat, they seem drier after using the liners. :) Never hurts to try.