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2009-02-15, 15:06
I built a tipi last year and been wanting to put a stove in it. I decided on the TI goat small box stove because of weight and material made of titanium. TI Goat sells the small stove with 6.5' pipe, but will cut to your request. I needed a 7' pipe because my tipi's a little taller. The small box stove, 7' titanium pipe, damper, spark arrester and storage sacks total weight by my scale is 2lbs, 14oz. I let the stove burn for about an hour before putting a pan of water on it, which came to a boil very quickly.
I have a lot of testing I want to do, so if anyone is interested in results let me know… here are a few pic’s.

The stove before the 1st burn.


tipi ia 7'4, ht of stove is 11", pipe is 7'


1st burn


Stove been burning for an hour, MSR Kettle on stove


Water boiling in minutes. Stove heat output is very good.


Hog On Ice
2009-02-15, 15:43
was it at all tricky doing the first burn? I vaguely remember some warnings about being careful at first or it might warp the firebox.

2009-02-16, 22:47
I started with small twigs then worked up to about 1.5" dia... The small box really got hot fast, so I used the damper to reduce the heat... The only thing I've heard was not to put a pan of water on the stove durning the beginning of the 1st burn. May cuase it to warp... I've burned 2 fires in it and has not warped. This weekend is going to be in the 20's at night, so I'm going to backpack it in and do some testing with it...

2009-02-16, 23:09
Wonder how warm you could get using this thing with a hammock? What I have in mind is just having it out in the open and all right at the end of the hammock tarp??

Hog On Ice
2009-02-17, 03:42
isn't that what Turk did - hammocked with one of the winter tarp arrangements modified with a patch for the stove pipe - check hammockforums.net

2009-02-17, 16:48
Yea,,, Turk had a big wright up on the large TI stove. The stove puts out alot of heat but in a small area and uses very little wood, whereas a campfire puts out a wider area of heat, but uses alot of wood... playing with the stove at home, I've got it to burn for about an hour. I hope to get more burn time out of it... Its going to be nice for Winter camping for Heat, drying clothing if needed and cooking on.

2009-02-20, 00:03
Cute little stove. That would be fun and useful even without the teepee, which is also really cool by the way.

2009-02-22, 19:38
I took the little stove and tipi on a 1 night backpacking trip this weekend. I fire up the stove and cooked some dinner, than after the stove had about 2 hours of burn time, their were a good bed of coals. I feeled the stove completely up with 1.5" to 2" dia. oak limbs that had fallen from a previous ice storm. I wanted to see how long the stove would burn until the stove produced no heat. I closed the damped as far as it would go. The temp outside was 32f and inside the tipi was 60f. I measured the temp with a digital Thermometer attached to a stick 18" high and 2.5' from the stove. The tipi measured 7'4" tall with a 12' octagon base. The stove burned for 1 hr 30 min with the temp rangeing from 60f to 55f. The end of 1.5 hours the stove was full of hot coals, so I opened up the damper and the next 30 minutes the heat slowly died down from 55f to 45f. Over all the stove burned a total of 2 hours with the damper close most of the time. I'm very pleased...

If you have the damper open with a stove full of wood the temp will exceed over 90f... I don't know how hot it will actually get. I slowed it down after that.

2009-02-22, 19:44
greet pics. I wish I could figure out a way to put a tiny little stove in my Mega Mid.

2009-02-22, 19:50
Thanks generoll, The stove comes with a 12" x 15" Fiberglass cloth. Maybe sew that in ur Mega Mid.

2009-02-22, 20:39
hmmm, wonder if it can be sewed to sylnylon.

2009-02-22, 22:13
hmmm, wonder if it can be sewed to sylnylon.

Yes,,, My tipi is silnylon. I sewed it to the outside of the tipi then sewed velcro around the edge and made a silnylon flap that velcro's to the ouside making a rain flap. On the inside I took a soldering iron and melted the silnylon 1/2 from the thread. This may or maynot be right, but its the way I did it...

2009-02-23, 06:44
so you sewed the fiberglass directly over the silnylon and then presumably trimmed the silnylon after you'd sewed the patch onto the tent. Then melted a border 1/2" from the threads in the silnylon all around the patch on the inside.

Did you do this on a sewing machine? any particular stitch? Thread?

This is sounding exciting. I think I could do this. It would be great to be able to dry out my gear inside my tent each evening and then warm up and dry the inside walls of my megamid each morning.

2009-02-23, 10:17
I 1st sewed the Fiberglass cloth over the Silnylon, then I sewed the Velcro ontop of the of the fiberglass cloth at the edge securing the fiberglass cloth even more. I then made a rain clover for it. Than the last thing to do is use a soldering iron and cut away the silnylon under the fiberglass cloth. The soldering Iron keeps the silnylon from Fraying. I used a #9 niddle with 100% polyester Thread... this is the sewing machine I have... very easy to use. http://www.kenmore.com/shc/s/p_10154_12604_02015358000P?keyword=kenmore+sewing+ machine+58&sLevel=0

Ti Goat will install the fiberglass cloth on your shelter if you prefer...