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lucky luke
2009-02-24, 01:29
hi all,

i bought a pair of kamik boots and have the problem that my socks keep sliding down unless i keep the socks up by pulling them over the legs of at least 2 pairs of pants. if i wear less the socks slide under my soles and after a while the lumps hurt while walking. i wear brand wool socks of the more expensive kind. really good socks in my hiking boots with no problems.

any suggestions how to prevent this? i thought about cable binders ... :afraid: but then i might get cold toes from that. i also wonŽt trust a strong rubber band wrapped around the sock.

lucky luke

2009-02-25, 09:27
Not sure what to suggest honestly. Maybe depending on how tall your socks are you could fold them over the top of your boots to prevent sliding? I'm not sure I would want to wear binders personally, but then I have problems with swelling in my feet and ankles after hiking for a while so I tend to not want to restrict blood flow any more than necessary.

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion.

Hog On Ice
2009-02-25, 10:47
possibly changing the brand of socks - for example Bridgedales are constructed in a way that tends to prevent the sliding sock problem - difficult to describe - a section of the sock around ankle and around arch are somewhat snuggy

lucky luke
2009-02-26, 13:53
hi folks,

thanks for the tips. i tried 3 different brands, all perfect mountianeering socks. i tried them inside out too. all get sucked down. same with my sorels that i donŽt use anymore.

seems the only thing that helps is to wear long underwear, pull the socks over the legs and then put some fleece pants over the socks. the underwear gives more friction than the skin and the fleece presses the socks against the underwear. just too warm on some days. oh well, i still like my kamiks much better than my old heavy sorels. and spring is coming...

happy trails
lucky luke

2009-02-28, 16:05
My guess is your boots are too big and your socks are not the culprit. . . or you're not tightening your bootlaces enough.

lucky luke
2009-03-05, 16:39
My guess is your boots are too big and your socks are not the culprit. . . or you're not tightening your bootlaces enough.

iŽll try the boot laces, the boots fit. thanks!

so this morning the right heel started to rip apart where the leather is sewn to the rubber. lets see how they handle that. the boots are 5 months old...

happy hiking
lucky luke