View Full Version : lookin for a bum?

2009-02-24, 16:36
Curtis Owen, owner, SBF, heres...da news.
Been posts about this hiker, "noname vagabond" & hikers rippin hostels off.
Just to let you know I got a letter today from "no name" or "noname vagabond". Been put out that he stiffed me., well it all turned out o.k. Got a letter today wit cash money (took 3 weeks) and we are square.
Maybe TOW put the boooty on him...I'm happy, mama happy..
Don't put out no word on him as being bad, jest watch him, but he's squared wit me.
TOW, clean up after it hits da knee caps!
Luv ya.

Lone Wolf
2009-02-24, 16:41
what's he look like?

2009-02-24, 17:04
Thanks for letting us know, man!

SGT Rock
2009-02-24, 20:05
Good to know Curtis. I am sure this is going to be brought up someday in the future when some pissed off person gets ranting again. It is nice to have facts about these situations.

kayak karl
2009-03-04, 19:17
good to hear.

2009-03-18, 19:04
nice to hear about people making good on their debts.