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SGT Rock
2003-02-02, 18:54
Today I'm catching up on some work after the field. Stuff like cleaning and drying equipment, hikers can understand that.

An update to my tests are the stoves should be hit on this week. I'm trying to force myself to get the time after the guys making them spent the energy to send them along. I owe it to Brasslite and Microlite.

I also used the Crazy Creek LEX on the first night out and experienced a failure of the pole sleeve. I must contact them.

The coldest night out I got tu use my new Wing Pad (http://hikinghq.net/hammock/wing_pad.html). It worked great, but I had problems rolling it up.

Add to all that the dozens of posts and e-mails. But I love it. Hope to see y'all on the trail.