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SGT Rock
2003-02-02, 19:39
Sort of off the subject here, but who is military and/or ex-military? I open this to include military besides US. Also for you Marines - I know there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine, only former Marines.

Lone Wolf
2003-02-02, 19:45
I was in Motor Transport. Served with 3rd Combat Engrs. on Okinawa and with 8th Eng. Spt. Btl. at Camp LeJeune.
Semper Fidelis

2003-02-02, 20:08
I served in the U.S. Army / Served my duty time at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. Interesting duty station as it gave me respect for ticks, chiggers, copperheads, water mocassins, June bugs and tornadoes. But I did enjoy the fireflys and the dogwood trees.

2003-02-02, 20:38
Canadian Navy. Twenty-three years, more or less, generally in submarines.

Diesel boats forever.


2003-02-02, 22:33
I served with the 3/12 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam. I had basic training in Fort Benning, GA., AIT Jungle training at your present base, Fort Polk, LA. Great training and the weather was very much like Vietnam weather. By the way, Rock, I asked you once about a place there called Sand Hill, I did some checking and I was mistaken, Sand Hill was at Fort Benning. I would love to see the base again and also Leesville, and see how much has changed around there. Oh well, maybe someday I will get back down there and look around, instead of walking up and down mountains with a pack on my back.

Have a great day..


2003-02-02, 23:27
I served six years in the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician. I was stationed out of NAS North Island (San Diego, CA). I served aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70).

2003-02-03, 01:18
5 years in US Army, including a couple in Africa in intelligence (Yes, I know that military and intelligence don't go together). Went to OCS and then escaped Vietnam by the skin of my teeth. Looking back the military was probably the pivotal point of my life and for that I am grateful.

2003-02-03, 08:42

Camp Pendleton, CA
1st Force Recon Com. 2nd Platoon, 9 years. Last 2 where hell, don't ask why.


2003-02-03, 12:31
U.S. Army, 3 years. Signal Corps, Microwave Radio
Repairman. Twelve month camping trip to Vietnam.

2003-02-03, 12:56
US Army (1968 - 1971)
Airborne Infantry (1/509th)
Basic: Ft Knox
AIT: Ft Mclelland
Jump School: Ft Benning

Ah ...the good old days. I was 18, bullet proof and convinced I was going to live forever.

2003-02-03, 14:29
basic-cape may, nj 4/21/1969
elecronics tech 7/69
telephone tech 11/69
ocs 4/1/79
flight-pensacola 10/79
retired 8/1/89

LT. bill

2003-02-03, 20:18
I severed from 79 to 82 U.S. Army. Basic in Fort Knox,14 months in the 2div,1/31 mech Inf,than to 1/29 Mech Inf Training on Kelly hill,Ft Benning Ga

Bandana Man
2003-02-03, 22:15
USMC June 1974 to June 1978
1st Bn/2d Marines, 2d MarDiv, Camp Lejeune NC
2d Bn/9th Marines, 3d MarDiv, Okinawa
My MOS was 0311 ("grunt")

R. W. Jeffcoat
2003-02-04, 11:35
USMC - Initially a Radio Relay Operator, then EOD. Once a Marine - Always a Marine, but now I would really like to become a Thru Hiker.

Der Eismann
2003-02-06, 04:36
Former AF Spec Ops Forward Air Controller (ROMAD). Spent 14 years on various Army posts around the world. One of the original "green" blue-suit pukes.:cool: Didn't make it to Ft.Polk though Top.

2003-02-17, 00:23
Active duty AF, 18 years so far. Last 5 have been in Flight Medicine Research.

Magic number is 23.. 5 years til my thru hike.


SGT Rock
2003-02-17, 11:33
Your plan sounds very similar to mine. I'm shooting for March 10, 2007.

2003-02-18, 23:41
US Army 91-95

12F - Engineer Tracked Vehicle Crewman. Got out as E-4/Specialist.

Did basics and AIT at Ft. Leonardwood, Mo. Then I was shipped to Baumholder, Germany to serve in the 1st Armor Div, 40th Engr Bat. Reenlisted and was sent to Fort Hood, Texas and stationed with the 1st Cav, 8th Engr Bat. While at Fort Hood I was deployed to Panama in Dec 94-Feb 95 for Operation Safe Haven. Thank you, Mr. Clinton. :rolleyes:

SGT Rock
2003-02-18, 23:45
Heck, you may have known SGT Francis, he was an engineer in the 8th at Hood for a few years. I'm pretty sure he was there around the same time he was.

2003-02-19, 00:20
Sorry, never heard of him. :(

Originally posted by SGT Rock
I'm pretty sure he was there around the same time he was.
LOL :D (I know what you mean though! ;))

2003-02-19, 01:08
Retired Air Force. 20 plus years. Minuteman Missles.

2003-02-19, 04:55
I was in the Navy, submarine service, from 76 to 80. We did a Mediteranean deployment for 6 months. Maybe this is where I got my unnatural attraction to the great outdoors.

2003-02-24, 14:19
I did basic at Ft. Knox...AIT at Ft. Jackson...Jump school at Benning, then shipped off to Vicenza Italy to the 4/325 inf. Airborne.
When I got out in '85 i joined the 844th combat engineer battalion in Tn. (reserves) and in 91 I went to Desert Storm. Now I'm out!!

2003-02-24, 16:46
Originally posted by hafdome
I was in the Navy, submarine service, from 76 to 80. We did a Mediteranean deployment for 6 months. Maybe this is where I got my unnatural attraction to the great outdoors.

Nice to see another "submariner", although I suspect we pronounce the word differently. Not quite the web site for this I guess.

Diesel boats forever,



2003-02-25, 11:47
USMC - 1958 (Old Corps) to Current - but they won't let me play, anymore. Still have the "threads-on-my-head", though.

2003-02-25, 11:54
Hey Rock ...you've collected a healthy assortment of resumes here. I think we're ready to do a calendar ..."XGI's of the AT"

Strike a pose !!

2003-02-25, 16:44
23 years US Navy; Submarines and cruisers!
Retired as a Senior Chief Electrician's Mate (SS/SW)

... and yes.... I was one of those blasted **!!@@ Nukes!

two tours as an instructor at Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit Ballston Spa

Commissioning crew, USS MICHIGAN SSBN 727 (Trident)
Decommissioning crew, USS MISSISSIPPI CGN 40

2003-02-27, 00:42
Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Whazzup with this "former" stuff?

2003-03-01, 13:53
I served in the US Army from '84 to '88. I was an 11C (indirect fire infantry) mainly working FDC (less to carry!). I served in Germany (When the Russians were still the bad guys.) and two years with the 101st Airborne/Air Assault Division (Rakkasan Brigade-of Hamburger Hill Fame). My thoughts and prayers are definitely with our troops in harm's way. God Bless America.

2003-03-01, 18:15
Amen to that. The easy part is at home where it is still safe and secure. The heavy lifting and greatest sacrifice will be done by those who are there and those who wait for their return.

P.S. to PKH and ScouterSteve: Two other bubbleheads in one day! Interesting that we all love open spaces and sweet smelling air.

2003-03-02, 14:54
I'm the brat of a Marine - have been for 40 years!! Dad was a staff sgt and served in 'Nam in '66-'67


2003-03-02, 20:05
United States Civilian
Basic Training- The Alaskan Bush
Specialty- Surviving Life (42 years and counting)

Hi folks, been visiting this site for a couple of weeks. I don't have the resume many of you have, that is why Im here. Thought I could use some of your experiences and skills as a Scout Master. The young bucks here are thirsty for the outdoors, reminds me of me.........Anyway, you military folks have my admiration and thanks for what you do.....

I salute you.


2003-03-06, 10:48
. . . currently a JAG at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I've been in uniform for 10 years, but only get credit for 6 (for pay) or 2 1/2 (for retirement). I'll be here for another 14 months or so, following which I hope for a PCS to Germany.

Prior to entering JAG, I attended Armor OBC 01-01 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Back in my cadet (cadidiot) days, I did Airborne at Benning in 1995 and ROTC training at Bragg in 1996.

2003-03-06, 12:10
Hey S.M. (Bill) ...I was an Asst Scoutmaster myself for years before moving out to Wyoming. Doing a thru-hike this year and going back to visit my old troop and give them a presentation on the AT before I head up to Springer Mountain.

Good to see you here !!

Chopper Dave
2003-03-06, 13:12
Five years in Army Aviation, one as a Cav Cobra pilot at Polk
and very proud to say My son is A Marine Squad leader now in Kuwait.
Go Devil Dog!!! " People sleep peacable in their beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

2003-03-07, 14:55
First of all I'd just like to say quick Hoooyaaa to all those prior service and those still serving.
I'm an ex-officer (don't hold it against me!). I WAS an NCO 91A (Flight Medic)in the Alabama NG (1987-1989), Ranger School(1990) recived my comission through rotc just in time for the Gulf War to start. Was branched ordnance and spent time in Alaska at the cold regions test center and nothern warfare school and absolutely fell in love with the mountains there.
Like Sgt. Rock I had a misguided idea of what pack weight should be (see his bio) and I think that's what turned me off to hiking for a while. I met my wife who has attempted 3 AT thru hikes (Tigger 97)and she has turned me back on to hiking. Now I'm hooked. We will be attempting a thru hike in 2004.

Thanks Sgt. Rock for a great site! I just joined and am looking forward to picking up some trail wisdom here before attempting our thru-hike.

2003-03-11, 17:36
Just another thru-hiker, 2001, who served his country. I was drafted into the Army 1954 and served two years. Never went anywhere, stayed in the U.S.
I was a weapons instructor at Ft. Dix in the lovely state of New Jersey.
I have no regrets serving my country when I was called.

2003-03-15, 01:55
Enlisted i 1998 as a Combat Engineer in the US Army but recieved a medical discharge thanks to a quack doc and being too young and naieve to fight his desicion.

Have tried to get back in a few times but nothing has yet panned out.

My efforts havent been completly useless and in September of 02, I went to Russia and attended the spetsnaz group Vityaz's Anti Terror school.

2003-03-19, 17:12
Having just become a new member and surfing the site, figured here would be a good place to make my first entry...US Army from 1968-1991, served with the Ranger Dept, Infantry School at Ft.Benning Ga. before changes were made to the regimental system. Served in RVN for 1+ years with 1st Air Cav in recon and then SF/MACV advisory position to the Cambodians and ARVN. Returned to US to the Ranger Dept. and then was moved to SF at Ft Bragg, NC. Remainder of career spent with SF as either a instructor in HALO, Operations & Intel course or with 1st SF group in Ft. Lewis Wa. Did a 4 year hitch with the US Army Parachute Team "Golden Knights" also. Am a retired Master Sergeant and we dont get much out in the pasture. Bout sums it up....lets go hiking!

2003-03-19, 18:18
Danged if we don't just about have enough for a platoon, here. Waddia think Top? If we organize a unit, do ya think you could help get us activated as the Gray Rangers or some-such-what, so we can join in and snap a few towels in Iraq? I may be old, but I can still make mosquitoes nervous at 700 meters, with a sniper rifle.

2003-03-24, 19:03
Just a "draft" soldier
so only 9 months of service on my shoulders hehe

Gebirgspanzeraufklärungskompanie 230
in short GebPzAufklKp 230 ;)

which would be like Armored Mountain Reconaissance (if there is such a term in US military language)

I was amunition and fuel ward (gas monkey as Sgt.Rock told me) running the diesel station of the army camp most of my time.. the few highlights were when a Leopard 2 (germany's mbt from which the m1a1 actually got its cannon from) came by to gas up, which surely woke me up from the rather boring job hehe

however I did some animation for the camp with the crest logo... which probably runs as screensaver eternally there ;)

Despite the non-exciting service I enjoyed it there, but not too much to stay in, and as I am actually not so much for the use of force in "reality" unless needed, I would not want to make use of the arms myself anyway...
I liked the technical aspect a lot so (shooting, guns....)


2003-03-24, 21:06
Just registered today.

I retired recently from the Army after 8 years active duty and 12 years in the reserves. I was lucky enough to deploy to Desert Storm and to spend 6 weeks in Northern Iraq as the mayor of the first 20,000 person Kurdish refugee camp. I was in Civil Affairs, where we help put nations together after war. Feel fortunate that I'm going over this time.

2003-03-31, 20:59
k,sarge, here you go. in usn from 71 to 93. was on diesel boats and nuke "fast attacks", small boats, ffg's and mso's. been other parts of usn and have seen combat, up close and personal. had to extend for the gulf 91. then retired. hope you do the same, retire, as the bennies are fine and dandy. not to mention, that they come in handy.

2003-04-01, 22:52
served 8yrs with usn seabees. stationed several places here in usa. never made it out of u.s. tried to get back in but said i was to old now :( .I love this country. use to hike a bit when i was younger. divoriced now and want to get back into hiking but im outta shape big time. (working in office for to long). anyway i hope to hike (solo) sobo from harpers ferry to springer sometime in may. hope to meet some of yous on the trail. good luck to all.

2003-04-11, 09:27
USN "68-'72
USS Galveston(CLG-3) "68-'70
Undesignated striker OI division(radar)
Two Westpac Cruises(Viet Nam)
One Med Cruise
Shore Duty "70-"72
Photographers Mate 3(PH3)
Naval Supply Depot Oakland

2003-04-28, 12:37
I'm kinda the newbie around here and my "experience" follows that line as well.

Currently enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology in the Army ROTC Stinger Battalion, A Co., 2nd Plt.

Four years AFJROTC in high school and loved every minuite of it. Drill Team/Color Guard Cmmdr. Cadet Lt. Col.

Working on my first hike on the AT in the end of May... see my post subject : "NC Hike" on the GENERAL DISCUSSIONS > GENERAL FORUMS (or vice versa cant remember which).

Great site Sgt. Rock....


2003-05-01, 16:43
U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman 8 yrs then on to higher learning.
2yrs GTMO.
2yrs Westpac as embarked troops FMF (grunt)/Supersquad.
4yrs NSA.
Now I just poke around in the woods with the Boy Scouts.
Workin' on the A.T. little by little

Proud-of-ya Rock.


Lone Wolf
2003-05-01, 22:01
Semper Fi Corpsman. You "docs" rock!

2003-05-20, 02:12

Basic at Parris Island, SC. CT school in Pensicola, FL and posted in various places afterwards.

2003-05-29, 21:44
My Dad was a Marine in WWII--does that count?

Jerry Simmons
2003-06-11, 01:50
Joined Army Dec 1966; Basic at Ft. Ord, CA;AIT at Ft Sill, Ok - MOS Arty Survey; Jump School at Ft. Benning; Vietnam Jan 67 - Sept 68. Duty w/101st Airborne, 124th Trans Co, 11th Trans Bn. Survived 68 Tet offensive. On river and mostly in delta area while in VN.
Live in WA state, enjoy traveling around the country. Son in law now SSG with 2nd ACR/Ghost Troop out of Ft. Polk. Currently in Iraq. Please support our troops, to them the war is not over!
Take care all.

2003-07-08, 03:57
4 years Grim Troop, 2/3 ACR, Ft. Carson, CO
Scouts Out

2003-07-09, 17:45
My younger brother is in Iraq driving trucks in Bagdad. He enlisted in the Navy in 1983, was in Operation Desert Storm, and will probably be over there for 1 year. My son is in the Marine Reserves, currently taking arms training.

2003-07-21, 10:00
I've always been late for roll call :rolleyes:
I was an army brat all my life until I joined the Air Force.
I was a flying crewchief on C-141s from 1977-1981, at Charleston AFB, SC. After I got out, I worked at a naval shipyard at Charleston Navy yard. Now I'm in quality control for a major defense contractor.
Interesting to see some bubble heads on this forum. I worked with one at the shipyard. He used to tell great "tin can" stories, and he was a walking calculator too. Any math problem at all, he could do it in his head.

2003-08-06, 03:49
'77-80 Ft Lewis 2nd bt(Ranger) 75th Inf Co. B Weapons Plt.
11B1V Airborne Stranger
I've been starting to section hike an learn how to go from a 90lb pack to something that will make it fun. I plan on building my own pack to get it custom to what I want with out paying big bucks.
Alcohol stoves rule!

2003-08-10, 08:09
Originally posted by RangerDan
'77-80 Ft Lewis 2nd bt(Ranger) 75th Inf Co. B Weapons Plt.
11B1V Airborne Stranger
I've been starting to section hike an learn how to go from a 90lb pack to something that will make it fun. I plan on building my own pack to get it custom to what I want with out paying big bucks.
Alcohol stoves rule!

77-80, I was with the 1st MARDIV then as a doc. We played war games against ya.

Just drop the 60mm Machinegun and you can lighten that pack right up.


john pickett
2003-08-10, 15:08
As a former corpsman, I get to come in late. (Sorry, sir; had to tighten a bandage at the last moment.)
Boot Camp and Hospital Corps School. Great Lakes, Ill. Aug. '71 thru Feb.'72. NRMC San Diego, Ca. March '72 thru feb.'74.
When my two years were up (USNR 2x6) the war was over and the POW's had come home. Medical is Always the first to get RIF'ed so I went home to Texas to drill at my local reserve station; first Lubbock, then Amarillo. In 1984, I had a chance to change civilian careers; from Respiratory Therapy to Clinical Perfusion. Unfortunatly it meant the end of my military career. Too many late Friday nights in the OR conflicting with too many 3 day weekends flying out of the reserve center Friday pm, returning early Monday AM
Best time I ever had in my life was at a Combined Arms Exercise at 29 Stumps in 1980.
John Pickett, former HM1

2003-08-20, 05:27
Originally posted by RangerDan
'77-80 Ft Lewis 2nd bt(Ranger) 75th Inf Co. B Weapons Plt.
11B1V Airborne Stranger
I've been starting to section hike an learn how to go from a 90lb pack to something that will make it fun. I plan on building my own pack to get it custom to what I want with out paying big bucks.
Alcohol stoves rule!

"77-80, I was with the 1st MARDIV then as a doc. We played war games against ya." Docs - gotta love em!

"Just drop the 60mm Machinegun and you can lighten that pack right up."

I carried a 90mm recoiless rifle. 37lbs of EXTRA weight.
(A sewer pipe)

2003-08-20, 19:46
Originally posted by RangerDan
I carried a 90mm recoiless rifle. 37lbs of EXTRA weight.
(A sewer pipe)

Could have been worse -- you could have been an XM-388 Davey Crockett (0.02 kiloton yield fission warhead) gunner. Sure, the recoilless rifle would have been mounted on a jeep (120mm or 150mm), but that would have been small consolation when you realized that the kill range exceeded the firing range... :(

2004-03-02, 05:20
i was wondering if you knew anyone in damage control while on uss
galveston. my father was dc\2 robert p snell
he died 5/71 while on shore patrol in long beach(uss mackenzie)
the man that was with him broke his arm
thanks for any help
:) :)

ole goat
2004-03-03, 12:26
Army 10 years FT.Campbell,Ft.Hood,Korea,Ft.Drum,and all misc."hiking trips" that went along with it.Any other sappers out there?

2004-03-03, 14:01

I was on the Galveston from '68 to '70 in OI division as a radarman, so I was on the ship the same time as your father. I don't remember his name, but there was about 1200 sailors on the ship and we didn't have much contact with damage control except a brief time when we had telephone operator duty in damage control central. One time for a short period in San Diego the lower ranking radarmen had to stand four hour watches in damage control central as telephone operators for the ship. The radars were all shut down then and I guess they figured we had to do something usefull. They had an old fashioned switchboard with big metal plugs to connect to the civilian phone system. I may possibly have seen or even talked to your father during that time because I remember damage controlmen being around and engaging in small talk with them. We weren't working with them though, we were just in the same room doing different jobs. Hope that helps, sorry to here about your father. Try doing a google search for Uss Galveston CLG-3, there is a web site for former Galveston crew members and I am sure one of them new him.


2004-03-09, 07:45
USN - '77 to '81.
Gunner's Mate on the USS Ainsworth out of Norfolk.

2 Persian Gulf deployments (Iranian, Yemen & Indian Ocean Operation '78-'79 & '79-'81)

bird dog
2004-03-14, 18:57
Top, just registered with your site. US ARMY 1993-2001, 19D30. Spent 4 looooong years at Ft. Polk in Commanche Troop 1/2 ACR, and 1/509 before moving onto bigger and better things. A member of the association now, and stay in contact with some of the old hats like Bill Heidner (who is now at Ft Irwin-traitor!). Hope to see you on the trail, we can relive some horror stories about the box!

2004-04-10, 00:29
if you have ever wondered what it is like to live on a submarine, check this out. http://www.uss-jack.org/ssnindex.htmlclick on links, then look for ever wonder what it is like.....by the way, "DBF" not hooya

2004-04-10, 08:36
Diesel Boats Forever!!


2004-04-25, 15:58
I am currently serving with the NTC Ops Group Live fire division. My team is doing everything we can to make training conditions here prepare our guys for rotations in the middle east. We have constructed 6 mout sites and are currently working on the 2nd Convoy LIve Fire site. Hopefully our efforts give our men and women a better fighting chance to return home.

SFC Robert J Dell

SGT Rock
2004-04-25, 19:42
Convoy live fire is a must.

2004-04-27, 18:58
Canadian Navy from 1983 to 1987.
Communications Reserves for a few years after that.

2004-04-28, 06:35

Sparker or signalman? We may have crossed paths - it's a small navy.


2004-04-28, 09:43
More of a civie in uniform > Direct Entry Officer. (Sent a PM)
Hoping to work my way up to buck private here though. :)

SGT Rock
2004-06-02, 19:49
bringing this back up for new people.

2004-06-02, 20:14
WOW- lots of vets on this board !!!

drafted in 70 - basic and infantry AIT NorthFt.Polk"Tigerland",
NCO(Shake&Bake)Ft.Benning - squad leader for 1stSqd, 1stPlt, Co.A, 3/21(Gimlets), 196thLightInfantryBrigade(Chargers), 23rdID(Americal) - Dec70-Nov71 - HiepDuc, AnSon & QueSon valleys Vietnam- medivaced Nov71 - 95thEVAC Hosp- DaNang, NavalHosp- Guam, BrookArmyGeneral Hosp- Ft.SamHouston; final duty assignment- SectionChief & PlatoonSergeant 502ndReplacement/502ndAdmin- 2ndArmoredDiv. Ft.Hood - off active Dec72

note- 3rd/21Bn"Gimlets" was the last active US combat team in the field in Vietnam (but I was already gone)

If any would care to see-
I have a few of my Vietnam pix up on two on-line photo album pages




2004-06-03, 10:32
Drafted in June 1969; Basic at Ft Dix; AIT at Ft Lewis, Wash. Shake and Bake Ft Benning (quit prior to assignment to training command)
RVN Feb 1970 "C" co 5/7th (Garryowen) 1st Cav Div. 4th plt RTO. Fuc Vinh, Tay Ninh, Song Be, Cambodia May-June; Cambodian border "Fishhook region" July-Dec. DEROS Dec 31, 1970; Separation Jan 6,1971
18 months, 7 days active duty.

Stg Krohn: How did you digitize your RVN pics? Commercial or do you have a scanner?

Welcome home.

2004-06-03, 11:59
Originally posted by Mutinousdoug
Stg Krohn: How did you digitize your RVN pics? Commercial or do you have a scanner? MutinousDoug
I have a scanner- then I clean them up and re-size them in Photoshop

2004-06-04, 08:54
Tech Controller
Sep '85 - Present

'85 Basic at Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX
'85-86 Training at Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS
'86-89 Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL
'89-93 Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan
'93-98 Tinker AFB, OKC OK
'98-present back at Keesler...

If everything goes as planned, I'll retire Oct 05. My husband will retire with 26 years in the AF in Nov 06. We're planning to hike Springer to Harpers Ferry in 2007 with our children.

2004-06-09, 01:52
3 years as in the armored forces, started in 1994. I hated evry minut...My girlfriend was more into it and been a flying cadet in the Israeli AF for 18 month before dismissed.

2004-06-25, 13:28
75-78 Army

Military Police Corp

18 Months Korea Back when it was under Marshal Law and the "Z" was the last 16.00 a month combat pay zone, after Nam.

Tactical convoy-escort.(728th) Special Weapons And Tactics (249th)

Garrison duty Fort Gordan GA (140th)

Kozmic Zian
2004-07-09, 09:47
Yea......Been There.......173d Airborne Brigade, Okinawa Gushi Ka Wa San, Ben Hoa, S. Vietnam, l965-6. 2d Bn (Airborne), 504th Infantry, 82d Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1966-7. Somehow, God Willing, I Servived. Used my experience to become a 'better backpacker'. I think everyone, physically and mentally able, should serve their country, so as to know the 'Cost of Freedom'.

2004-07-09, 15:16
Glad to hear a former Devil is on this message board. I served with the 504 Brigade combat team for two years from 99-01 was a PSG at the time of the 911 attacks with my platoon supporting 2-504. It is kinda funny how living the life of the 82d can seem to make you a good backpacker. At a standard mission pack weight of 80 plus pounds going ultralight or even lightweight is much enjoyed, and you can enjoy the scenery instead of maintaining a Guns and eyeballs status.

2004-07-12, 16:05
Recalled USNR. . .

Camp Arifjan and Ali Al Saleem Airbase, Kuwait. . .

Leaving in two weeks to return to the trail to try and finish GA.



2004-07-12, 22:58
Retired Navy P3-C pilot, NAS Jacksonville

VP-5 (81-84)
VP-56 (90-91)
VP-5 (91-92)

Instructor Pilot T-34C, NAS Whiting Field

VT-6 (84-87)
"pull back on the stick, houses get small...push stick forward, houses get big"

2004-07-17, 15:48
Recently retired 21 year Army Vet.

I entered in '82 Arty Basic. Spent 4 years doing every single job in an Artillary Battery that could be done by ssg and below (except Smoke and Gunny's jobs).
I got tired of watching the rounds leave and decided to watch them land for awhile. I spent the last 16 or so years as a targeting cell chief, fist chief, colt team leader and FS Cell ncoic for armor at Bde and Bn level. And no I do not know why Arty Officers only come in to stupid to walk and smart enough to win nobell prizes.

2004-07-17, 16:05
And no I do not know why Arty Officers only come in to stupid to walk and smart enough to win nobell prizes.
Arty officers were the guys who made good grades in trig.
gotta be able to compute the angle.

Pencil Pusher
2004-07-24, 02:27
4/5 ADA, First Cav Division, 90-92, E4. 14S, 16S. Ft. Sill-Bliss-Hood; Saudi, Iraq. A lot of fun, some scary, and glad I'm out. Here's a link from a quick online search for the composition of veterans in the US: Weblink (http://www.infoplease.com/spot/veteranscensus1.html)

SGT Rock
2004-08-11, 11:34
I just recently added some extra fields in the User Profiles so y'all can put in your branch, years served, and occupational specialty.

2004-08-12, 16:48
Hello. I served 1984-1991 in 82d ABN as 31V and 43E, 8 months in Saudi and Iraq during desert shield/storm.

2004-08-15, 10:15
Ex-USMC, served 2 years, but I was not a particularly good marine. I loved boot camp, though.

2004-08-17, 12:18
Retired from USNR. 5 active 20 reserve.Feb 73-May 02 with a short break in service that realy messed up my advancement.

2004-08-18, 19:38
28 years US Army. Private to Colonel. Vietnam to Dessert Shield and a whole lot of duty in between.

2004-08-19, 08:57
23 years in the Army, 76-99. Divisional Air Defense (Chaparral/Vulcan). 3ID (77-79) - Giebelstadt, FRG; 5ID (82-84) - Ft. Polk, LA. Lot's of time doing acquisition and program management of missile and air defense systems.

2004-08-20, 08:42
6 years USAF as a Crypto tech. Stationed at various SAC bases

2004-08-29, 16:04
20 years in the US Navy.

2004-09-02, 09:41
US Army (90,91) Did Infantry OSUT at Benning during the Winter of 90, Airborne at Benning, followed by a couple months in the hospital recovering from the broken leg and sprained ankles from a truly Ate Up landing on my third and final jump. Ended up in Germany assigned to the motor pool as a PLL clerk, and there I spent the rest of my time, busted up and less than happy.

2004-09-04, 09:40
U.S. Naval Reserves 84-94.(NMCRC Lexington, KY) I was in damage control. Was attached to USS Moinester (FF1097), USS Antietam(CGN) did my active duty aboard a different ship every year. Have been considering getting back in w/ a Seabee unit.


2004-09-16, 23:05
USAF Pararescue (72-76)
Best job I ever had! Jump school with the army at Ft. Benning, USAF global survival school in Spokane, scuba school with the navy at Key West, mountaineering, adv jump, and adv medical at Hill AFB, artic survival tng in Alaska, and jungle survival tng in Panama.

Now I'm cooped up in a lab most of the day and planning to thru-hike as a retirement gift to myself - 2011.

2004-09-17, 22:44
USMC 1965-1969
Viet Nam 1967-1968
I am a Ex-Marine much to Lonewolf's dismay

2005-02-12, 07:29
Active Army
Entry date: 23 Aug 88

Lots of guys from the 82nd Airborne on here! HUAH!

I was initially an airborne NBC specialist in the 82nd Airborne Division (21st Chemical Company). Became a warrant officer and went to flight school after 7 years. Went back to the 82nd airborne for 3 more years then off to get some college then down to Honduras for a year. Now I am in Germany and have been for almost 3 years. I am a Blackhawk pilot and have been to Iraq twice - once in 1990 / 91 (sliced out to the 504th PIR) and once in 2003 (V Corps Personnel Recovery Combat Team) for the begining of Iraqi Freedom.

2005-02-15, 19:36
Ringknocker from the Naval Academy ('89-'93)

Marine artillery officer 93-99

12th Marines (Okinawa)
10th Marines (Camp LeJeune)
2d Air/Naval Gunfire Liaisson Company - A/NGLICO (Camp LeJeune)

A/NGLICO was a great tour. Tons of travel, parachuting, every highspeed school you could request, lots of tax-free deployments. But it spoiled me. I couldn't go back to a desk when it was over, so I got out and became a mountain bum for a few years before I finally settled into teaching.

2005-02-16, 02:00
18 1/2 years in the Army including 4 1/2 years in the national guard.

My name says it all but right now I'm teaching Unarmed Self Defence to the Navy of all things.

Going to Fort Leonard Wood in April for Non-leathal weapons instructor course. That should be fun. get tazered, pepper sprayed and shot with a bean bag from a shotgun. Yea!!!

Anyone here currently around Fort Lost in the Woods?

2005-02-17, 00:35
New here, this is my first post.

Enlisted in Army 1979, NBC Specialist, spent 2 years with a Combat Engineering unit in Germany. Know what a NBC Specialist does in a non-mechanized Combat Engineer unit? He drives the First Sgt's truck, that's what.

Switched MOS to CID (Criminal Investigations Division, aka Civilians In Disguise). Now there was a cultural shock! Worked as a Lab Rat in Criminal Investigation Laboratory in Augusta, then Atlanta. Back then the only Forensics show on TV was "Quincy", way before it was cool to be doing crime lab stuff.

My application to Warrant Officer School was accepted. So was my resume' for a job in industry. Industry won. Still using microscopes and all the neat instruments they show on "CSI", but not putting people into jail anymore. Best of both worlds, I think.

6 years in service. Met my wife(we were both in Basic Training together!), got a job using skills learned in the Army, and Uncle Sam moved me to Atlanta and I never left. No complaints at all.

2005-02-20, 17:29
Army, '91-'99, 68B/Aircraft Powerplant Repairer. Stationed at Nelligan Barracks in Stuttgart, FRG, Storck Barracks in Illesheim, FRG (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/illesheim.htm) , and Ft. Campbell, KY (http://www.campbell.army.mil/).

2005-02-20, 20:26
I've been in the Air Force for just over 17 years, about half that time in my primary AFSC (airforce specialty code) Aero space ground equipement mechanic, and the other half in special duty assignments, drill sgt for 6 1/2 years and a Military Training Leader for the DOD firefighters and Air Force Intel students and currently preparing for a one year remote to Kunsan AB Republic of Korea.

2005-02-21, 18:11
US Army Reserve, 368th Finance Support Unit. Discharged as a SGT-E5, Senior Pay Specialist. 1987 Enlisted Soldier of the Year for 5th Army/Forces Command. (Don't get to say that much anymore . . . hehe)

Was activated and stationed in Sgt Rock's old post (Ft. Polk) from 90-91 during Desert Shield/Storm. Got to know the place pretty well, and learned to like boiled crawfish <drool>. It's also the place where I regained my love for the outdoors. Beautiful country.


2005-02-21, 19:53
scout, armored cav. unit, life , liberty, and the pursuit of survival in a a.p.c. [anonumious personel coffin] , great for getting your gear from point a to point b, not a bad place to hang your hammock, but the very last place you want to be in a firefight.

2005-03-10, 18:42
20 year retired US Navy Chief Machinist's Mate. Server onboard the USS Mississippi CGN-40, NPTU MTG, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69, USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 and NRC Buffalo. My oldest son is currently in Iraq doing his part with the US Navy SeaBees NMCB-1 as part of the newly formed "Echo Force" which are special forces trained combat CBs that have replaced the old Air-det CBs of a few years back. (if anyone wants an address just e mail me, the boys over there always dig snail mail from proud strangers). Which brings me to this...I'm glad to see so many vets here. It reminds me of what Americans (and our allies) are really made of...Bravo Zulu men.

bearbag hanger
2005-03-11, 01:02
US Army, Sp5, company clerk, Aug 1969 to Apr 1972 at Ft Story, VA - except Oct 1970 to Oct 1971 in Vietnam.

2005-03-11, 17:09
Joined the Army in June '74 to get out of the miserable Florida summer, after moving up from St. Croix. Basic at Ft. Jackson (I can still taste the sand from Little Egypt), then AIT at Ft. Bliss.

Stationed at Pirmasens, FRG from 74-76 with A Btry, 2/60 ADA, 32nd AADCOM, as a 16P (Chapparal missle crew). Most of our troops were draftees who had done their time in Vietnam. Our batteries were half and half Chapparal tracks and towed Vulcans. I was much dismayed to find we're now NG instead of RA (that's not a cut at the Guard, so save the flames). The local helo crews were much dismayed to find we disabled the safeties on our tracks, enabling us to aim our missles below horizontal. That way we could lock on them as they'd pop up over our hilltop TAC park, trying to target us :hahaha:We figured the Soviets would have been much dismayed by that as well. Our unit's claim to fame was the highest average for Article 15's in USAREUR, and the highest proficiency scores (squad, platoon, battery and battalion) in USAREUR. Go figure.

One of my nephews is a career Marine, now on his third float to Iraq after a stop to do recovery after the tsunami. He says that the Iraq is way better duty than that. Ironically, he's a helo crew chief


yucca stick
2005-03-13, 01:47
'57 to '77 mostly sea duty, all Pacific. Chief Instrumentman.

Did a couple short trips, guided by the snake eaters, working on remote trail sensors, predesesor of the Rembas System. The rest of the time was at sea on one heavy cruiser, one carrier, and four tenders, with a shore duty at G.Lakes instructor at the tech schools. Most of my work was in measurement standards labs. After service I worked in the Trident missile program in Washington (state) and Georgia. My first born is a CDR in the reserves and his son is a Sonarman on an SSBN.

Currently retired, and enjoying the time in the quiet boonies. I solo, light, and stealth camp. I'm not anti-social but I do enjoy solitude. (been married 43 years)

Thank you Sgt. Rock for your service and excellent forum.

Roy Ralston
2005-03-14, 14:49
Anyone out there, who was in Qui Nhon with me!

April 1966 thru Apr 1967, If my memory serves me

correctly, I pulled a lot of guard duty, with members of

the 196th.

Roy Ralston
2005-03-14, 14:53
[QUOTE=Roy Ralston]Anyone out there, who was in Qui Nhon with me!

April 1966 thru Apr 1967, If my memory serves me

correctly, I pulled a lot of guard duty, with members of

the 196th. Can anyone tell me if the 196th was in Qui Nhon

at any time! Thanks. Roy

2005-03-28, 20:09
USN from 89 thru 93
Basic in Orlando, Fl.
Aviation structural mechanic, structures (AMS) school in Millington, Tn.
Aircrewman and helicopter rescue swimmer school in Pensecola, Fl.
Then stationed at NAS JAX for the remainder of my tour.
Entered the Navy to 'live the adventure' (that was the slogan back then),
never got more than 8 hours from home in Pinellas, Fl. Did manage quite alot of camping in that time period.

Just Jeff
2005-03-28, 23:53
I'm AD USAF 7+ yrs. Lived at a few bases around the Southeast, and "visited" ~20 countries so far. Should get orders next month to Monterey, CA...WOOHOO!!

Lots of USN on here! I also did time at RTC Orlando (Company C-003, 1990) and w/ VFA-106 at Cecil Field. Any of you bubbleheads know Tom Klomps? I think he was a PO1 when he retired.

Anyway, you military folks have my admiration and thanks for what you do.....

I hear this quite a bit when I'm off base in uniform. It's great to feel the appreciation, but it really makes me respect the folks who didn't get this kind of treatment during the 70s and still stuck with it. Hats off to y'all!


2005-03-29, 00:16
really makes me respect the folks who didn't get this kind of treatment during the 70s and still stuck with it. Hats off to y'all!Jeff

My daddy served in that time period. He never talks about it. I dont get how Americans, twenty some odd years ago, could be hatefull of our troups. At least today, they're just blameing Washington. I'd hate for any serviceman to be treated with the disrespect that alot of our fathers had to go through. Thank GOD they were good enough Americans to teach their children to respect this country, and serve it proudly.

2005-12-17, 16:17
Sort of off the subject here, but who is military and/or ex-military? I open this to include military besides US. Also for you Marines - I know there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine, only former Marines.

I am digging this thread back out.
I found out yesterday that the Iraq/Afgahn. Opps., has claimed another of "my" troops. I was going to outfitt him to go brush bashing when he got back next year. It's a little down this season.

2005-12-17, 20:07
United States Army 65 - 68

819th Hospital Center USACOMZEUR (S-1)

MOS Incognito

2005-12-17, 20:55
20 years in the army so far. Been a tanker the entire time.

Non-lethal weapons instructor course
Abrams master gunner
Did a combat tour as a Recruiter in Los Angeles, Ka.

Been to the middle east 3 times and Korea 3 times.

Getting ready to go to trashcanistan here soon.

Now I'm a tanker in Airborne land(82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC). Talk about out of place!! I love it here though. Never seen a more disciplined bunch of guys in my life.

2005-12-17, 23:57

The first two years were training:

After boot camp,

Electronics school - Orlando, FL
Nuke Power School - Orlando, FL
Nuke Power Prototype - Idaho Falls, ID (if you can believe having a Navy base in the middle of the desert).

then . . .

The remaining four years on the U.S.S. Alaska (Gold Crew); Ohio Class Ballistic Missile sub . . . boomer . . . as Nuclear Reactor Operator.

Other than marrying my wife; joining the Navy has been my best decision.

2005-12-18, 00:43
Discharged from the Army and went civilian, except for the National Guard.
Was seriously thinking about trying the navy (something different - I'm a dry lander - with bonus of more travel) when I got run over by a hit and run driver.
Got kicked out of the N.G. on a medical and none of the services wanted me anymore.
Kind of sucked.

(Sorry for the pity party - didn't know it still bothered me until I started to write it down - was a long time ago) :bawling:

2005-12-19, 13:23
I did two years in the NG and 9 years Active.

-ROTC Basic Camp, Ft Knox, KY (like regular basic, but 2 weeks shorter due to it being entirely voluntary, lack of funding, lack of M16 qualification requirement, and less depth in CTT task areas as none of us were going straight into the army).
-an unnamed military school (2 year ROTC program)

post commissioning:
NYARNG-two years, while i finished college. light infanty and weapons platoon leader jobs.

US Army
- 2nd ACR 1987-1990
-MI course 1990-1991
-10th Mtn Division 1991-1995

also got to go to a lot of neat schools and got a free trip to Haiti and one to Somalia out of the deal, as well as half my college paid for... pretty good deal all around...

bird dog
2005-12-19, 19:02
US Army 1993-2001 as a cav scout. Went to lots of schools. Got out on a hardship discharge (got divorced and got custody of the kids) as a Staff Sergeant (E-6). Served in 2 ACR(L) when it was a light Cav unit, 1/509 PIR, 1-9 Infantry, and was a LRRPs team leader for 1st Bde / 2d Inf Div on the Korean DMZ. Had a few vacations including Haiti (but wasnt there when Seeker was I dont think). Was trained on a Bradley but never served on one. Was a "light scout" the whole time (basically an infantryman with a few more toys). BD

2005-12-20, 01:35
(basically an infantryman with a few more toys). BD

i always thought of it as a combination mos... you had to know all the infantry skills, most of the combat engineer skills, and the scout skills... pretty smart guys, most of 'em...

2005-12-22, 16:43
Basic at Ft. Ord, 1960 - then schools, then USASA... and finally, home to the states again.

2005-12-26, 02:16
ROTC puke 69-73. Weather Officer Langley Field TAC Command HQ 73-75 also Airborne Wx Officer on EC-135s for overseas fighter movments. Aerial Recon Weather Officer (ARWO) Hurricane Hunters 75-78 Keesler AFB Biloxi MS in WC-130s.

2005-12-27, 10:29
Barely counts I know, but was with the Air Guard in the late 80s and early 90s...stayed out of trouble. Served as an army civilian in OIF in 2003 in Kirkuk, Iraq.

2006-01-10, 18:46
All of my brothers served two years in the South African Navy, two of them as marines and the third a seal. Military service at that time was compulsory for all young white men on leaving high school (unless you received exemption to study or for medical reasons). I believe their memories of national service are not happy. They don't talk about it much. One came down with malaria. Fortunately people have gotten past the myths of DDT and it is being used to fight the disease again.

2006-01-12, 13:38
US Navy Submarine Service 20 yrs
Senior Chief Sonar Tech
Backpacked while I was an Instructor in San Diego

Animal man
2006-01-12, 22:08
78 - 84
enlisted in the 11th SF group as a 05bravo, crossed train in 11b, Jump school at Ft Benning, then went to Cav unit in 81 cross trained as a 19d. and then spent some time Az in the 8th/40th Armor as a Scout.
lots of good Army Training
Animal Man

2006-01-13, 09:15
USAF 1969-1973
Otis AFB, MA
Data Processing Machine Operator

2006-01-14, 00:03
1977 Basic-Ft. Jackson SC. AIT Ft. Benning(11B-infantry)
1978-9 172INF Ft, Wainwright Alaska
1980-1 ABN School, assigned to Abn Dept., Ft Benning.
1981- ETS'ed, joined 11th SF Group(Reserve)
1982-SFQC Ft Bragg, 11B2S (18B), 91B3S (18D)
1984-2003 Served with 11th and 20th SF Groups(with a five-year break-in-service) until retirement(E-7).

2006-01-17, 10:41
Hussars CDN Armor SQN OC

2006-01-17, 18:20
Anyone out there, who was in QuiNhon with me! - April 1966 thru Apr 1967, If my memory serves me correctly, I pulled a lot of guard duty, with members of the 196th.
Roy- I was in the 196thLIB but after it was moved up to I-Corp. We were in the HiepDuc & QueSon valleys about 30miles southwest of DaNang.

I'm the tall one

2006-01-21, 16:51
Combat Engineer Platoon Leader 17th Engr BN 2AD Fort Hood Texas. 1973 to 1976.

2006-01-29, 10:46
Hey, am I the first Coastie???

12 1/2 years active Coast Guard & a couple Reserved. Then switched to Naval Reserve to finish my 20.

Stationed in Southeast Alaska, North of Nome, California, Illinois & Virginia. Shipboard duty, LORAN Station, then civil engineering (facilities and construction). In the Reserves, I was with a CB Battalion. Reserves in Montana.

Let's see _
Alaska - Great Backpacking and sea kayaking :biggrin: (also spent a year in Kodiak as a civillian)
California - Good Backpacking
Illinois - Never went backpacking
Virginia - Good Backpacking
Montana - Great Backpacking.

Now I'm back in Virginia.

-- John

Frolicking Dino
2006-06-06, 10:23
Male dino - retired USAF Chief MSGT

2006-06-06, 15:04
Canadian Navy from 1983 to 1987.
Communications Reserves for a few years after that.

Far out -- you were in around the same time as me -- I was 1985--1989. Snotter, among others, on the Miramuncher, subbie on the West Coast at Naden, including last days on the Saskatchewan.

2006-06-09, 07:39
US Navy Electrician's Mate First Class (E-6)

9 years active duty, homeported in Yokosuka, Japan 1981-1986
8 years reserve mostly COOPMINEUNIT/Naval Coastal Warfare

Coxswain on Inshore Boat Unit patrol boats.

OIF 2002-2003
Currently IRR due to work responsabilities.

2006-08-03, 01:21
U.S. Army 1979-1988

Basic- Ft Leonardwood
AIT- Ft. Lost In The Woods
Grenada (OP Urgent Fury)


E-1 to E-6P

Jump Master


2006-08-03, 09:42
USN 1990 to 1994 - QM3, deployed to Somolia in 93 with the 24th MEU

USS Josephus Daniels CG-27 and USS Barnstable County LST-1197

Army National Guard 5th/117th CAV, HHT from 2000-2004 as a 19D (Scout), activated after 9/11 to help guard the Salem Nuclear Plant in NJ for 7 months.

2006-08-12, 10:28
92A among many
currently deployed to Afghanistan as an Embedded trainer with the Afghanistan National Army

Less than a month to go!

2006-08-13, 00:21
Stay safe Lonehiker, welcome.

2006-08-17, 17:11
u.s army HHC 3/17th ft.ord ca./ft.benning ga 11h tow 2 gunner

2006-08-19, 09:59
us navy 78-82,boot camp sandiego ca 78
boiler tech A school great lakes naval training command 78-79 :cool:
served on board USS TARAWA LHA-1 79-82 served as a boiler tech in both forward and after engine,decorations,naval sea service medal,navy expedition medal (IRAN) 1979,MADE 2 western pacific deployments,1979.1980-1981

2006-08-26, 18:46
4th mech. inf. div. 4th aviation bat. ft carson colorado springs . mos 67victor

2006-08-28, 01:00
US Navy, '68 to '78
Four ships:
USS Blue DD-744
USS DeHaven DD-727
USS Douglas PG-100
USS Stein FF-1065
Fire control (guns and missles) FTG-1, E-6
Vietnam '68,'69,70,71, on the gun line,1000 yds off the beach.Lots of 5 inch !
Med '72,73 (was in the middle of the '73 arab/israili war,literally)
Shore duty (finally!) 74-76,Brunswick,maine
Back to school,'76-77
Another westpac 77-78
10 years,3 months,3 days (but who's counting?
small arms instructor,
nuke security team leader,
nuke key-holder

2008-02-20, 11:06
Marine Corps from 2000-2005.

I spent the first three years in Okinawa with the 31 MEU traveling up and down East Asia. After that I went to North Carolina to play with Harriers then Ospreys.

Semper Scrotus (Always on the Ball),

2008-02-20, 12:14
7 yrs active duty US Army INF, retired Army National Guard
two tour DMZ ROK 2ID
101st ABN Ft Campbell
1st Cav FT Hood
256th INF Bde LAANG (spent many a moon at POLK)

Just Plain Jim
2008-02-20, 15:49
I served in the 291st MPs at Redstone Arsenal, Al. for 32 out of 36 months back in the late 50s up thru 1960. This was pre-NASA and the gov't was hiring secretaries by the hundreds. I wrote a friend back in St. Louis, told him there were girls all over the base and they were from route 1 everywhere and lonesome. Ahhhh! what a life for an 18 year old.:biggrin:

Onkel Bob
2008-02-21, 02:27
I was never in the military, I was in the Air Force...:biggrin:

About 10 years active duty:
78 - 83: 42370 Aircraft Electrician, 437th MAW/FMS Charleston AFB, Det 175 Incirlik AB, and 63rd MAW/FMS McChord AFB.

83 -88: 30470 Wideband Communications Tech, Det 12 1945 CG, Feldberg RRL Germany.

2008-02-21, 17:43
Armor Rules C Trp/1st of the 3rd Amored Cav. Brave Rifles
BCT Leonardwood Inf AIT Polk 3rd Cav Ft Lewis mos 11E40

2008-02-21, 19:44
US Army 9/75-7/80. Served as an EOD Tech in Massachusetts then in Giessen Germany.

2008-02-22, 21:21
AF Pilot, F-105 (Thud Driver), 6 years stateside, 18 months at Takhli Thailand ('67-'68), 143 combat missions and no Purple Heart. Also served 10 years with the AF Reserve and NYANG.

2008-02-28, 12:59
3 years in the Air Force. 1985-1988. Was offered an early out to work for Defense Maint. contract. Columbus Air Force Base Mississippi. Was TDY for 320 days out of the first 365 out of training. 431 aircraft maint. crew cheif. Stationed for 2 years in an Ace Detatchment which explains the time TDY. Loved the first 2 years. Saw the world 1 week at a time, Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan including Okinawa, The Azores, Amsterdam, Greenland and Iceland. Oh yeah...Also saw Texas and Mississippi!!! Got out of Ace Squadron and into permanent regular squadron which led me to take the early out.

2008-03-02, 11:02
Us Army reserves 2/90 - 8/93, then KYARNG 8/93- 2/96. Was a 76V(material storage and handling specialist) until MOS was changed to 92A(automated logistic specialist) in '93.

2008-03-02, 13:38
was in the Missouri National Guard from 92 to 94 as a 92y (unit supply) then went Active duty Marines from 94-97 (avation electronic tech). Only bad thing was has having to go through 2 boot camps-lovely Ft Jackson Sc and MCRD San Deigo.


2008-03-02, 14:51
British Army - Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

23 Years and still serving Queen and country.

Tours in Germany, Falklands, Afghan and Iraq.

Fun in France, Austria, Norway, Canada, Oman, Australia and soon the USA!

2008-03-02, 20:59
USN, 78-81. Nuclear Machinist's Mate. We glow in the dark!

2008-03-03, 16:26
USN Machinist Mate also (got kicked outta Nuke School), 91-96
served aboard USS Saratoga (CV-60), USS Richmond K Turner (CG-20), USS Enterprise (CVN-65). Funny thing about serving on the Big E was I worked the AUX space w/ a buncha nuke MMs, except I got to go to the rack after watch and they had 3 hours of "nuke training" so they could stay current.