View Full Version : standing indian 3-day hike info

2009-02-27, 20:21
I'm planning a 3 day, 2 night hike, starting at standing indian campground. We'll go up long branch trail, south on the AT over albert mountain and standing indian, and then down either lower ridge trail or kimsey creek trail. Any suggestion as to the best two overnight camping spots? Is there good available camping spots atop Albert and Standing Indian? Also, what would be the water situation along that route and atop the two mountains? thanks in advance

SGT Rock
2009-02-27, 20:27
Lots of good water sources - too numerous to mention. I'd reccomend trying to time your hike to stay up around Standing Indian Mountain so you can enjoy sunrise/sunset. Other than that I cannot think of a must stay spot.

2009-02-27, 20:39
thanks for the quick reply sgt rock. i've been up to albert and standing indian, but it's been a long time. do you recall if there are nice open flat camping spots on top of either of these mountains?

SGT Rock
2009-02-27, 20:46
You could camp on Albert if you look around - but probably nothing great. As I recall there is a good campsite just before you climb up the thing on the south side of it. Standing indian mountain isn't going to be a good place to set up unless you cowboy on the moutnain itself. Around the top there are some great sites and water.

2009-02-27, 20:54
thanks, we'll plan to just have a nice three day walk, taking in the two mountain views when we get there, and we'll probably camp near, but not at, the shelters to have water access. probably near, or just beyond Albert the first night, and then near standing indian the second night.

2009-02-27, 21:07
If the weather is cooperating, I'd camp right on top of standing indian. You'll have to haul in some water I think, but there is a nice little bald area off trail there that my daughter wants to camp on this summer.

2009-02-27, 21:19
thanks for the info. it is such a short trail (i think) up there, from the AT, that we'll probably haul the packs up so we'll have the option.

2009-02-28, 11:14
y'all, far as my memory serves from past bad decision makings, i would personally camp just a little down from the summits, as there is never consistent weather up there. clear and beautiful at night can turn into 40 mi/hr winds pretty quick.

2009-02-28, 21:55
there's a flat area for camping right on top of Standing Indian. no trees for hammocks, however. there's water running from a small piped spring just off the trail below Standing Indian on a blue blazed side trail. or it was running the last time I was there. Don't believe all those stories Kanga tells about me and water.

2009-03-18, 00:42
A little late to this party and the OP has probably finished the hike, but for future reference and readers . . .

I have spent a couple of dozen nights on top of Standing Indian. Used to camp right up on top on the grass, but it can be too hot, too windy, too crowded, too whatever, plus day hikers are constantly stumbling into the clearing . . . no privacy at all.

If you go to the other side of the clearing from where the trail up comes in, there are a couple of nice tenting spots among the mountain laurel, that offers shade, privacy, and you're just yards from the view.

There is water and very good water down that trail about 20 yds S. of the sign on the AT. It used to be blue blazed, but I think the trail club / forestry service is trying to cut back the high use of the area for camping, which if folks can't find water, they may not camp there. The blazes are gone! But the water is still down there.

I've camped out in that open area in a horrendous lightning storm before. I really thought the next lightning bolt would hit me, and the worst of it lasted over an hour. Another time was in a tent with two other people and the wind pulled up the stakes and was picking up one side of the tent - with three of us in it, and almost tipping it over. But I've also had some awesome, mellow, peaceful, serene sunsets and nights up there as well. Great place!