View Full Version : Princeton Tec (Aurora?)

2003-02-03, 12:33
Bought a small LED light this week, I think its the aurora, anyway it has 5 settings, high, med, low, slow blink, fast blink. It is supposed to run for 36 hours on 2 coin batteries on the low intensity setting, which btw is plenty to read by. I don't know the weight, but It cant be much. It also has a clip on the back that is plenty large enough to attach to a standard carabiner, or more conveintly to a loop on the roof of a tent. Should be a good complement to my tikka.


2003-02-03, 15:20
Ive got an aurora, and it runs off 3 AAA batteries. Its a headlamp w\ a very nice elastic band that adjusts. It has the 5 modes you talked about too.


Lone Wolf
2003-02-03, 15:27
Brian I have the same light also. Just as good as a Tikka and 10 bucks cheaper. 150 hours on 3 batts.

Wander Yonder
2003-02-03, 18:40
I have the 3 AAA battery model. I love being able to adjust the light downward. Great for walking after dark.... or for reading, cooking or anywhere you don't want to have to aim your forehead where you want to see! But it sure does draw bugs in summer! :D

2003-02-04, 00:11

Princeton Tec ECLIPSE

Whoopsie... sorry for the confusion.


Buddha Bear
2003-02-10, 09:22
I have the Aurora. The best feature is the stobe blinking effect. All you need is some technodance music, some dry ice, and you can turn the campsite into a disco and become the life of the party!

2003-02-16, 10:52
I also have an Aurora headlamp (love it!)

I get kinda annoyed at having people's headlamps
shine in my eyes (gee,,, I guess I may not be alone
on this one! lol)

When around others, I usually wear mine on my neck,
instead of my head. I can still see what I'm looking
down at just fine, but i can avoid giving someone

..... hint, hint .....
Perk :cool: