View Full Version : Ion Stove - giving it up

SGT Rock
2009-03-06, 22:50
I've been having issues getting the time to build the things anymore. I've let the domain lapse. If anyone out there wants to be a stove builder let me know - I think we could work it out easy. All I want to do is make them occasionally for my friends.

2009-03-07, 11:14
oh, wow sorry to hear that rock!! i hope i may be consider one of your friends....:D

2009-03-08, 17:13

Time has a way of getting away.....Good luck.

Hey..... Now, all of us lucky ION owners have collector's items..:biggrin:


2010-03-31, 08:26
Well, I'm a year behind this news, but I'm real sorry to hear this. It's an excellent stove.

SGT Rock
2010-03-31, 19:15
Thanks for the compliment. I was cleaning up my garage this weekend and found a box of stove parts.

2010-05-12, 21:54
It's an OMEN, you have Sarge...
Make a few last Ions

2012-02-18, 22:06
Wow. Old thread. Still having fun with mine. Use it sometimes with canola oil and jute and haven't messed it up too much. Fits inside my char burning and tinder kit really well. Ti stand getting lots of use. Thanks again.

SGT Rock
2012-02-18, 23:14
I'm still using mine too.