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2009-03-13, 16:22
Last year i sucked it up and bought National Geographic TOPO!. I love playing around with maps, and the idea of annotating, fetishizing and printing my own maps was worth the $100 to me. But I only got 3 states, 2 of which I will probably never hike in. So now I wanted to get TN, to explore the GSMNP, and I see I can get the entire eastern half of the US from DeLorme for $50 instead of just TN and KY for $100 from TOPO!.

Long story short, I was very disappointed with DeLorme. It's not maps, to me, it's GPS screen graphics. Short off the cuff review here (http://thinkcrust.blogspot.com/2009/03/natgeo-topo-vs-delorme.html).

SGT Rock
2009-03-13, 17:30
I generally just us Google Earth for planning and buy the maps.

kayak karl
2009-03-13, 18:08
http://store.usgs.gov/b2c_usgs/usgs/maplocator/(ctype=areaDetails&carea=%24ROOT&layout=6_1_61_48&uiarea=2)/.do this place works well for me

2009-03-14, 02:18
hey...free ain't too bad.

2009-03-16, 08:39
i use national geographic, and mapsource here at home. mapsource has 1:24,000 scale, every state and federal park, wma, rec area for the country for around 200 i think. downloads to garmin.