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2003-01-08, 14:19
Sounds like we have some birders here, I have a question. In the northern States we would hear this bird that sounds exactly like R2D2. To the point where one day in ME my wife and I turned to each other and said simultaneously...

"NO R2, we won't be going with the others"

When we hit a bird store in Manchester there was this device which played common bird songs. The closest we could find was the Wood Thrush.

ANyone have any clue as to what bird we've been hearing?

2003-01-08, 15:05
I can't really rember what R2D2 soouds like, but I am going to go out on a limb and guess that it was a Veary (SP?).

There are a few kinds of thrushes you commonly find on the AT, including your wood thrush, a very similar hermit thrush and then the veary.

The veary song (more a sound) is sometimes described as being etherial. Wierd and flute-like is more like it. Since I think you are saying that wood thrush recording didn't quite nail it, I am putting money on the veary. I don't have speakers on my computer, but there must be a web site out there that has these songs. The Veary's is classic, and if thats what you heard you should be left with no doubt. Or just go with a generic "thrush".

FWIW, my favorite song in the AT in Northeast is, and always will be that of the White Throated Sparrow. That sound fills my soul in ways that no other does.

Rick B

2003-01-08, 18:19
I found the song of the veery on a couple of web sites (http://birds.cornell.edu/bow/veery/ and http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/G_Kunkel/veery.htm) It does sound somewhat like R2D2. Is this it?

2003-01-08, 20:33
My favorite bird to hear is the Wippowill. I know that when I hear that bird, I'm out in the woods.

Also owls. I heard a Screech Owl once close to Dragons Tooth that made me check my drawls.:eek:

Hog On Ice
2003-01-08, 23:03
A whippoorwill is nice to hear but NOT at 4 in the freeking morning as seems to happen to me all too often when I hear them

2003-01-08, 23:04
I've had a pair of barred owls in my neighborhood since early last year. I often sleep outside just to hear them better. Tonight they were in my backyard calling like crazy and flew over my house about 7 pm. Had a great horned owl in the neighborhood a couple of years ago. September 2001 on a one week section hike of the Mass. AT, heard a barred owl the first evening, a screech that morning, and a great horned the next evening. I love their calls. The barred owls really have alot of variety and sometimes sound incredibly excited.

2003-01-09, 09:29
I checked ot the Veery sounds. As Rick said, I think I'll go with the "thrush." Veery didn't quite cut it. I was just curious. Thanks for all your input.

Uncle Wayne
2003-01-23, 09:28
Whippoorwills are one of my favorite birds also. They were plentiful in North Alabama until our coyote population exploded. I don't hear as many of them now. I remember as a boy my dad answering their whistle and seeing 4 or 5 of them come out of the field into the yard, almost to our porch to investigate.

2003-01-23, 17:56
Some birders say that the bobolink sounds like R2D2. It's usually seen in meadows up north. Where did you hear it?

The wood thrush is flute like. It's a woodland bird.