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2003-02-04, 12:03
I friend of mine recently told me about a product he'd been using for years instead of traditional deodorant. It's called Lavilin. It's a paste you apply to your pits and it kills the bacteria that causes body odor. Each application lasts five days to a week, even with regular washing. The best part is that a single container has enough to last five to eight months and weighs only 12.5 grams (.44oz.)! I know it sounds too good to be true, but my friend swears by this stuff. I'm going to take some on my thru-hike starting in March to see how it handles thru-hiker stink. A variety of natural foods places sell it on the internet, just run a search for lavilin if you're interested. They also make a specific foot deodorizer that works the same way.


2003-02-19, 20:08
I am always interested in another way to skin the cat.

I have been impressed that with regular use and not too much rinsing, that antipersperant deoderants like Ban last for several days even if you forget to use them. I have always assumed that this is because of the built up aluminum chlorhydrate. I also have assumed that the anitbacterial action lasts for many days.

This anitbacterial is interesting... I note that it will not keep you (me) from sweating and looking like a foundary worker, it will just keep down the bacterial byproducts of decomposition, what we call BO.

I tried the General Nutrition store in the mall and the Vitamin store. Neither had the stuff. I did see some places on the web to order for about $10 for a 6 month supply... I had just about decided that this little 1 oz deoderant stick was my hiking deoderant. Now I need to re-calculate...

Any one have any experience with the stuff? Is there someone else who says it works??


Wander Yonder
2003-02-19, 21:53
My daughter also told me about some kind of crystal deodorant that you can buy at a drug store that is very lightweight and lasts for a long time. They used it in the Army. Does anybody know the name? I've forgotten it.

The Lavilin sounds great.... also the foot deodorant! I used to spray antiperspirant on my feet when I wore closed shoes all the time. It made a huge difference in my comfort, and not just from the odor control aspect. :D

SGT Rock
2003-02-19, 23:12
I've been in the Army 17.5 years and have never seen nor heard of the crystal.

2003-02-20, 08:30
The vitamin store had a "crystal" deoderant when I went looking for the other stuff. General Nutrition said they used to carry a crystal deoderant. Directions said you wet the surface of the crystal and apply to the underarms. No aluminum product in it. It was not particularly light weight. I've never seen anything remotely like it in ops. There was no claim that it controlled bacteria or that it was long lasting.


2003-02-20, 11:19
"Crystal Sticks" can be found at Walgreens. It's made from mineral salts and ammonium alum, but no aluminum chlorohydrate. 1 stick is 4.25 0z/120 grams. It comes in a lovely pink caseing...
Personaly I use Mitchum or Almay deoderants (gel type) without scents, I doubt bear's are really attracted to the scent of alum...

2003-03-21, 21:44
i've used the crystal before adn have mixed feelings. bottom line: they don't work as well as deoderant, but who's worried about that in the wild. it's the lack of aluminum (which may be related to certain health problems), ease of use, cost, length of use and clean feeling that made me try this deoderant. its true, one crystal will last a loooong time! just wet it and go to town on the pits and feet. they do chip, however, which is bad if dropped but good in that you can get the size you need for trail use. i've never worked a piece down, i must admit, but i can see it being possible.

the most important thing is how well it works.

i gotta tell you, they do NOT mask odor very well--another drawback and why i don't use mine on a regular basis. they do eliminate a lot of the bacteria that causes the funk nastiness that we all know and dread. but the crystal does not mask your natural scent like our heavily perfumed and dyed soaps and other toiletries. so, after hiking, you WILL have a scent that folks might notice if you're using the crystal. there's no doubt about it. but it won't be the sharp musk and rankness that would be there if you had on nothing.

also, the anti-bacterial coverage does not last as long as regular deo. so you might be ok for most of the day, but later on the rankness might start to take over. to fight the return of the stank, i just wash up again after dinner, before going to sleep. doing so is actually kinda nice on hot, humid summers when you've got miles on trail grime on your body. it also does wonders to keep the inside of your sleeping bag clean, thus aiding in the longevity of it's insulating ability. it is work, though.

to the crystals' defense, a lot of the odor that we kick off comes from the bacteria living in our sweat soaked clothes. diet also plays a big factor into b.o. as well. you can't put junk food, soda, meat, fried foods, etc. into your body and expect for it to come out smelling good.

but try one. use it every weekend, when you don't have work, for a couple of months to see what you think. the more you use it the more effective it becomes. although i don't use mine regularly my old roommate did. he used that thing daily and boy did he stink in the beginning! i had my doubts. but sure enough, he just stopped stinking and the crystal worked. it just took his body time to adapt. even now that he's moved out i run into him and he smells nothing like he did in the early days of his anti-stink rock use. he can't even wear any other type of deo without breaking out in a rash up to his neck.

2003-03-23, 11:28
Just a warning about using antibacterial products, such as deodorant, Dial antibacterial soap, or the ever popular hand wash. These products may be a great short-term solution, but they are helping to create strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

If you want to get some kind of hand wash or something to combat germs, I recommend you make sure it's alcohol-based and not antibiotic-based. For you ultralighters, that means it doubles as an emergency firestarter, and two uses for one product are always good!

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