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2009-03-24, 09:21
I am planning a hike with some buddies the first part of May. We were going to leave the car at Fontana Dam Camp ground and get a shuttle north to 441 crossing. Looks like 42 miles back to the dam. How is the trail and do you have any suggestions. Good shuttle service. Anything would be helpful.

SGT Rock
2009-03-24, 19:57
Hike Inn near Fontanna is probably who you want for a shuttle in that section. The trail in that section is nice - but you need to have shelter reservations. You may want to call now, I just tried to get a reservation for Icewater (not in your section but on the AT) and it was full for the night I wanted it. I had to change my plan.

2009-03-24, 21:52
I will contact them tomorrow. Do you have to stay in the shelter? Some other things I have read suggest that you can camp out some time?

SGT Rock
2009-03-24, 21:55
According to the rules you do have to stay in the shelters. You must have a reservation. This is also during the time ridgerunners are active. Just this week some hikers got busted stealthing MT Cammerer on the AT - so best to play by the rules.

Now if you are a thru-hiker, you can stay outside the shelters if they are full.

2009-03-25, 12:10
Thanks. I will make the necessary arrangements. How tuff is the hike for the average hiker.

SGT Rock
2009-03-25, 20:06
I'm not sure what your backpacking history is, but I would say for the "average" guy this section is challenging, especially if you go north from Fontanna Dam. South from Newfound Gap is easier, but there are some sections where you will break a sweat. How many days are you planning to give it?

2009-03-26, 08:34
Get a shuttle from the Fontana dam thursday to Newfound gap/441. On trail thursday, friday, and saturday. Stay at Double Spring or Siliers on thursday, Russell field or Mollie ridge friday night back to fontana day on saturday. Stay at fontana dam camp ground wednesday and saturday night. Long day on Friday. My son and I south bound from Fox creek to Damascus a couple of years back.

SGT Rock
2009-03-26, 10:04
I think you will be fine.

2009-03-26, 10:34
Thanks for your help