View Full Version : Beware Conficker worm come April 1

2009-03-25, 21:38

texas hiker
2009-05-05, 12:24
Even though the date for the Conficker worm has passed, its still around. I just wanted to provide a little information on how to stop attacks like this from harming your computer.

If you have high speed internet, the very first thing you need is a hardware firewall. Software firewalls are ok, but not as good as hardware for stopping intrusions.

A hardware firewall sits between your high speed internet modem (DSL or cable modem) and your computer or network. This stops all inbound intrusions. t does this by not replying to request from the outside world. Traffic is allowed out, but none is allowed in.

The Conficker worm attacks a hole in the microsoft operating sytem. A patch has been released from microsoft, so run through the widows update page. On your computer, click start - all programs - windows updates.

Get an anti-virus. Go to download.com - look in the left column and download free AVG. Its better then nothing.

That gives your computer 3 layers of security - patches and updates from microsoft, hardware firewall and anti-virus.