View Full Version : warm picnic blankets?

2009-03-26, 18:20
have seen a fleece picnic blanket in a local store that has quite a thick vapour/waterproof barrier underneath and wondered if anybody has used this sort of thing before to keep the cold out or is it just not man enough???

SGT Rock
2009-03-26, 18:25
Never seen it

2009-03-27, 10:20
Buy one. Post a review here for us.

2009-03-27, 14:03
Don't know if it's the same thing, but we have a closet full of something like that. Fleece blanket with a nylon layer on one side that has a zipper pocket and some straps & clasps so that the whole thing rolls up into a bundle and clips on a shoulder strap. It was a freebie giveaway at a business conference, and strikes me as a cheap novelty, and not particularly engineered for anything more advanced than what it is - a picnic blanket. Also used for covering the back seat when transporting dogs. I have not tested its wind- or moisture-resistance. Though it looks like the sort of thing you might bundle up with at a football game, or hold over your head as you run back to your car. The zippers and straps are annoying and always seem in the way.

2009-03-30, 17:07
urbansix- thats the precise thing i'm talking about.
haven't had chance to try it yet but i'll let you all know how i find it when i do try