View Full Version : major life change, year round camping?

2009-04-03, 05:01
My life has gone through some serious upheaval lately. Without going into too much detail, "forever" has come to an end. I am in some dire financial straights as well, no longer able to keep up the rent after the "better half" of the income walked.

I'm not rolling over though, I'm rolling out. Since I'm gonna be on the street, I may as well see where it leads.

I'm looking at camping for several months, possibly year round as a means of saving up and getting back on my feet. I am permanently disabled and living on $900 a month, not a whole lot to go around there. I'm looking for advice on areas, specific campsites, and such that allow year round camping. Also hoping someone who has done it can share a few tricks of the trade and advice on what I'll need to be carrying.

My main gear consists of a mountain bike, 2 good legs, and an ego the size of a small state. My travel range aint nearly there yet, but it will grow. My secondary gear is a hennessy hammock, zipstove, and a laptop computer :)
Will likely add a digital cam to the mix as a means of blogging and possible income while roaming.

SGT Rock
2009-04-03, 12:38
I guess it could be done. Winter could be hard.

Seems like when people try this sort of thing they tend to homestead somewhere, then that could get you into issues with local law enforcement if they percive you as a vagrant. Seems the best way to do this sort of thing is to do what Tipi Walter does in the Cherokee forest which is to move every few days and go into Tellico occasionally for resupply and to see his girlfriend. He was spending about 10 days of every week out in the Cherokee wilderness for a while there. But he didn't stay in the same place all the time and he has a car to get back and forth to town when he was ready to come out.

2009-04-03, 14:23
...He was spending about 10 days of every week...

Man, if I could do that, I'd finally get something accomplished. :aetsch:

Seriously, though, sending good thoughts your way, Kamen. Be careful out there.