View Full Version : time of the year to hike AZT?

2003-02-05, 13:22
To anyone who has hiked the Arizona Trail: Which time of the year did you begin and were you hiking South to North or vice versa? Also, which areas, if any was water availability a problem? I've read Chris Townsend's account of his through-hike and found it an enjoyable read but I would like to hear from others' experiences on this trail.


Ramblin' Rose
2004-02-15, 17:01

It seems that the best time is to start in the Spring. The month of March if your heading north seems to work for most. Especially due to the water situation. You can check with the Nation Weather Service site to see what the conditions have been this year in the way of percipitation.

2004-02-16, 13:29
I'd agree with March; although it'll be the windy season, the temperatures won't be too bad, day or night. Expect temps in the 60's up to the 70's at first, down to the high 40's or so at night, while in the mountains. Obviously it can get warmer or colder. Bring an emergency poncho, but don't expect a whole lot of rain.

As for water, I would suspect that it will be an issue throughout the hike. The early stages shouldn't be too hard. The first section from Montezuma Pass passes through Bear Saddle, 500 feet from Bear Spring, which is normally wet (saw flow Saturday downstream at the bridge on FS 61). Also, the section ends at Parker Canyon Lake (always water there). Unfortunately, that's the only section of the AZT I've actually hiked, so I can't be of any help for the rest.

There's a guide to the AZT available on amazon.com; have you checked it out?