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2003-02-06, 00:10
I will be updating my profile on the board to include my new ICQ number, for any one who cares it is



I was in texarkana TX the morning columbia broke up. As I was leaving about 9 in the morning I could see a contrail that abruptly stopped to the south. I can only assume that was the remains of the shuttle. When I got back to fort smith I was looking at my refrigerator, and I noticed some souveneir magnets from NASA from the early eighties that have followed me from house to house for the last 20 years, the 2 shuttles that I have are Challenger and yep you guessed it, Columbia. kind of weird.


SGT Rock
2003-02-06, 10:32
27307878, but I hardly ever open it anymore. I now use Yahoo mostly: sgtrock_hikinghq is my screen name.