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kayak karl
2009-04-21, 17:11
this wan't a hike so i couldn't put it on other thread. i was never in the miliary, but many of you were. i took pics of the Korean War Memorial in Atlantic City, NJ. you can read all the names if you're interested.

they were uploaded to here http://news.webshots.com/album/571287622gXNkhd

http://inlinethumb27.webshots.com/29338/2585818660104593866S500x500Q85.jpg (http://news.webshots.com/photo/2585818660104593866DZkTQQ)

http://inlinethumb51.webshots.com/41970/2924450080104593866S500x500Q85.jpg (http://news.webshots.com/photo/2924450080104593866EjAcLs)


Saint Alfonzo
2009-04-21, 21:03
Thank You; Kayak Karl.

2009-05-04, 13:30
Great job buddy, thank you much.

2009-05-05, 23:51
I'd been to the one in DC a bunch of times. I didn't know that they had memorial in Atlantic City. Thanks for posting it.

2009-05-15, 19:35
Thanks for the post. My Dad served in that "police action" as the Useless Nations likes to refer to it. He made it home - and never talked to us kids about it. I learned why in 1989 from my uncles.

2009-05-27, 00:24
Thanks Karl, my dad also served in Korea (US Navy Corpsman) during the war. He never talks about it either. Thanks again for the post!