View Full Version : Not hiking related - but if you hate those "motivational Pictures"

SGT Rock
2003-02-06, 22:51
One thing I've begun to loath are those artsy images with some saying that is suppose to inspire you. Often they are given out as awards or gifts, and I see them more and more. I even got one myself once (I think it is in a box in the garage). then I found these: Despair, Inc. (http://www.despair.com) They are the pessimists version of these things. It is a great laugh, but especially check out the Corporate Spin (http://www.despair.com/recentspin.html) and the piece about the emoticon ban (http://www.despair.com/demotivators/acompromise.html). Try to order the emoticon from their on-line catalogue, and ensure you read the end user agreement (http://lib1.store.vip.sc5.yahoo.com/lib/demotivators/frownylicense.txt) for the emoticon.

2003-02-06, 23:18
LOL To bad they dont have online greeting cards!

2003-02-07, 10:21
okay sarge, you got me. despair, inc just became my favorite website! as we speak, links are going out to all my optimistic, loser friends. like the one who has 2 masters degrees and strips for a living and the 30 something guy who still lives with mom and dreams of becoming a professional frisbee-golf player. hehe, i'm gonna buy em all a half-empty mug.

Rage in a Cage
2003-02-08, 17:30
Great site. I have been exposed to the motivational pictures in the past and the only motivation that I felt was the desire to escape back to reality. I worked for a company that had these motivational pictures and slogans hung all over the walls. When I signed on with the company I had to attend a meeting that a motivational speaker gave. One of those ď U DA MANĒ pep talks. After that we would we were required to attend a lesser variation of this every morning before beginning the day. Now it could just be me but I swear that it seems that the people that worked for this company were completely blind to the real world. It was also apparent that the companiesí interest in motivation was to increase the companiesí worth. I guess the only thing worse than the pictures is the people that try to shove them down your throat. When I left the company I gave them a little motivational speech of my own. It started with you are a bunch of, and ended with get a life. Okay it didnít really end with get a life, but since my ending suggestion was anatomically impossible I didnít feel that I should include it here. What was in between I cannot print here either, so use your imagination and donít forget to include a few four-letter words and toward the end to question the parental heritage of the CEO of the company.
To end on a positive note I have to give the company and those darn little posters credit. In the end they did indeed motivate me and made my invigorating little exit speech possible. I thank them dearly for that. I saw a definition of a pessimist written some where after that I have found comforting when I am exposed to similar situations.

Pessimist- a well informed optimist.

BTW I don't mean to offend any optimist. Optimism is the next best thing to reality!

Guy Holcomb
2003-02-13, 16:31
Motivational speakers are almost as bad as "team building" facilitators.

2003-02-13, 18:06
you guys are just not PC! don't you know it takes a village?

Rage in a Cage
2003-02-13, 21:16
Guy the "team Building" sounds like a "the system" that one company I dealt with had. It was a sales oriented deal that taught the sales staff how to be the best that they could be, or something like that. Anyway, the part that stood out the most was that "the system" sounded like some kind of drug because they were always talking about being "on the system" or "off the system".

Chief you are right. I guess I am off the system.:D

2003-02-14, 10:35
Having worked both at an auto dealership(wrenching) and a time share condo pit, I'm pretty sure most saleman are, literaly, on drugs! (disclaimer, these are a particular breed of salescriminals, no slander intended):eek: The Lodge I'm working for just had a "Dress for sucess" motivational meeting. All the employees wear uniforms. Most of the employees are a paycheck from being in the gutter and couldn't afford the boujois(please correct my spelling) clothing they suggested.

Bandana Man
2003-02-15, 00:02
Great site! I'm waiting until AFTER my annual review and them I'm forwarding this site to the other people in my department -- should be next week. Can't wait to hear what my co-workers think of it.

BTW -- the poster "Indifference" fits me like a wicking T-shirt!