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2003-02-07, 15:13
Ever since I did my thru hike in 99, I have wondered why there are so many people that are vegetarian or at least leave Springer Mt. saying they are. I never realized that so many people did not eat meat or meat products and I am curious as to why people feel this way. I would appreciate any response, not that it will change me since I love those Whoppers and steaks too much to ever give those up.

Since we are all different and even hike and use different gear, I was just curious about the food part of the hike.

Thanks for the response and I am looking forward to reading them all.

Happy Trails

Ed :confused: :confused:

SGT Rock
2003-02-07, 21:58
Since no one has answered, I'll venture a guess based on my thoughs (I have considered this) and observations.

Maybe it is because you can get by without meat on a hike for the most part. I guess as people eat lots of carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, dried fruits, candy, oatmeal, grits, pop tarts, etc they get past needing meat. Or at least they think they do. Hikers from my experience start to wory about the performance of their bodies and try to get the best performance out ot it. I've known some die hard coffee fans give up the java becaue they think it will be better for them. Maybe since they don't realy need it while on the trail, and vegan life is supposed to be good fo you, they go that way too?

Or it could be a plot by the aliens.

2003-02-07, 22:07
One of the craving I had along the way was cheeseburgers.

After some Boy Scouts shared their grilled chicken and steak with us, I can't figure out why anyone would be vegitarian. Smelled and tasted so very good. (Right Pace-o?)

2003-02-07, 23:24
Gee like I can stay out of this one! As far as NEEDING meat, your body, even if you are a weight lifter, can not possibly process that much protein. When you eat a steak you don't wind up with a steak size muscle on your arm, instead you spend the morning on the can. Draft horses are vegetarian, so are oxen, so are elephants. Humans are naturaly omnivorous, we can survive on a diet of mostly meat, or no meat. Some do it to put a counterbalance on the glutonous over consumption, others do it for the environment, others are just bunny huggers:D . To aquire a complete set of amino acids, in order to make protein, it is my understanding that you generally need two different grains. Soy alone is a fairly complete protein scource. Years after I started vegetarianism I weighed 250 lbs and could stand all day holding a truck transmission over my head (I was a mechanic). Veganism is the conscientous removal of all animal products from your life. It is more a matter of discipline(imho) than of practicality, because virtually everything has animal parts in it, including some drywall. This means NO leather shoes, belts, car seats, NO marshmallows(Gelatin is renderd pig snout)Gummy candy, Breads containing any milk/egg products. I did this for six months before my 02 section hike, after losing 20 pounds or so I started to eat cheese/eggs again, I was losing too much too fast.

2003-02-07, 23:29
Oh yeah, after 8 years of strict vegetarianism I have absolutely no craving for meat. I even used to skin deer and made buckskin clothes out of them.(I still shoot the 50cal flintlock)

2003-02-28, 17:48
Justme - As a fairly prominent member of this forum, informed me a few weeks ago - Vegetarian is an American Indian word for "Poor hunter".

2003-02-28, 20:48
I'm Vegetarian cept for ocasional fish...why??

IMO it's a more peaceful way of life..and a healthier way of life

I 'm also into organic farming ...i love the earth and want to do my part to protect her.

2003-02-28, 23:56
I shoot very well thank you. And while the hunters are up in there tree stands with a grand worth of no smell tech clothes, I'm standing a few feet from a buck. Then again the deer ain't too brite around my part of the country.

2003-03-01, 11:22
Originally posted by GrizzlyBear
Justme - As a fairly prominent member of this forum, informed me a few weeks ago - Vegetarian is an American Indian word for "Poor hunter".

carnivores are just poor farmers....they can't get plants to grow for them...or they don't have a "EARTH MOTHER" doing it for them.

hippy Earth Mother girls ..my favorite

2003-03-01, 23:38
I'm gonna go out of my way and guess SmkymtnStv has a subscription to Mother Earth News.;) If were not carefull this is gonna turn into another "wasted space" fiasco like on Whiteblaze:D

2003-03-02, 11:17
Nope no 'Mother earth news" here

2003-03-03, 16:30
That's OK, in the three years or so I've been subscribed they've allready started rehashing articles, wich were probably rehashed from 1975 in the first place, But some of the articles and rescources can be invaluable to homesteaders, (how to: build a haybale house, raise tiny cows/ostriches/lamas, dig an outhouse...)

2003-03-03, 18:06
yea I used to read em...and read some other stuff from Rodale...does it show that bad???

yep they always rehashing to fill the "wasted space"

going out to pick some lettuce for dinner tonight...growing it under my home built cold frame

steve hiker
2003-03-04, 20:49
I was a vegetarian several years ago when I was working in forestry in California, and was hungry all the time. Always eating. Then one day I looked at the fried chicken everyone else was having for lunch and said the hell with this, I'm hungry. I've never gone back to being a vegetarian.

2003-03-05, 13:10
Hungry all the time???...to be a veggie tarin one has to plan and think more than if one is eating a carnivore diet..I simply feel better when I eat veggie,,about the EARth and about myself ..got to go... time to take the glass,cans plastics,cardboard and styrofoam to the local recycling and farmer's market which by the way has Excellent veggie food bar!