View Full Version : Saturday morning and apparenty my site was down last night...

SGT Rock
2003-02-08, 10:22
Apparently last night we had some problems after I went upstairs for the night. Looks like it was mainly a forum error, but since the index page uses part of the forum, it caused some sort of major error for some last night.

It is working now. The problems happened as best as I can tell between 1958 last night to 0018 this morning. I'm still researching the cause, but the database is now fixed. Luckily al the errors resulted in were some database tables left open that shouldn't have been left open. IThink the problem is because the host keeps the database on a seperate server, and that server may have had problems. If my site server was down I would have gotten a report from my monitoring service.

Anyway, back to posting darn it. I've gotta go let some funeral teams into the arms room.