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texas hiker
2009-05-03, 18:37
A couple of years ago, while visiting my wifes parents, I had the chance to hike the trail at liberty lake park.

When you enter the trail head, you can turn to the right or go straight ahead. But either way will bring you back to the entrance. I went straight.

You go about 1.2 miles, then there is a semi-vertical climb with around 13 switchbacks. When you reach the top of the switchbacks, turn to the right, walk about 60 - 80 feet and there is a nice lookout point that overlooks Liberty Lake, and the city of liberty lake.

At the top of the mountain there is boy scout camp site that makes a nice lunch area.

The entire trip is supposed to be around 8 miles. It was well worth the time and effort to make the hike.

2009-05-03, 18:59
Agreed. . . . I've hiked the entire area countless times and made my own loops and bushwhacked.. . . beautiful area. . .

texas hiker
2009-05-05, 12:28
One part of the trail that I really liked was after the switchbacks. Your walking along and the trail opens up so you can see between the mountains. When you get back into the woods, there is a nice stream with a wooden bridge going over it.

Right before the boy scout camp the trail splits in 3 ways. The trail going to the left looks like it was not finished, because it just dead ends.

And if you need to go to the rest room, there is an outhouse at the boy scout camp.

Those scouts have fixed the camp up pretty good. There are a couple of bunk beds in the cabin and a fireplace. I bet its really nice in the winter. But the park is supposed to close for the winter. Maybe you can sneak in there and pend the night at the cabin?