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2003-02-09, 15:00
Sgt. Rock, I am learning a lot around your campfire. Thanks.

I like your approach to alchohol stoves & cooking. It all makes sense but leaves me the question, how do you clean your pot? Can you please offer a little info on your clean up?

I've adapted to avoiding clean up altogether. Hiking up to 6 days in desert environments, I rehdydrate food in a plastic bag (and eat from the same bag). Using my own dehydrated stuff, food is consistently is ready 10 minutes after adding 2 cups of boiling water. I minimize water use, have only a small amount of trash, and don't clean my pot.

Finally, I'm missing my hiking buddy. He will probably be out of the country for our planned Grand Canyon hike in early Apri. Bummer. GO ARMY!

SGT Rock
2003-02-09, 15:19
Most of the time I rinse the pot using my fingers then drink the water and the chunks. Anything hard to get out I use some pine needles or something similar, as a last resort I use my scrub sack. I haven't tried cooking in the bag except for a couple of meals that came with bags for that - maily the freeze dried stuff and I hated them.

I'm usually fairly water frugle since I hate making extra trips to fill up. My 3 litre platy and one liter bottle is enough for a night and morning in camp of cooking, coffee, clean up, and water to get started on the trail with.

Go Army? Already did :cool:

2003-02-09, 16:23
similar to sgt rock ...while eating my meal I make some more hot water and make my self some Tea/ w honey for after dinner digestive aid ...before adding the honey to the tea i pour some of the hot tea into the remains of my dinner that I ate out of the cook pot..I take my spoon and scrape down the side of the pot using the hot tea as dish water..after I get it looking pretty good I dring the tea and food particles...then i wipe it out with a part of a paper towel.

some paper towels have plastic,threads in them so I pack the used ones out in the trash instead of burning. some times if you do a good job "washing your dish " you can use the same paper towel twice.

I have used some cook in the bag meals...don't really like'em ..and if I use meals that are cook in the bag I still don't, I cook them in my pot...maybe there's something that I don't understand but how do you get all the food out of the bag with a spoon and not be left with bag that has food in it that is going to rot and make really bad smelling garbage? maybe out on the dessert It would just dry up but in a humid climate and boy does the AT have some humid...it tends to make a smelling trash sack...

2003-02-09, 16:57
Boil in a bag. To do this using very little fuel boil the amount of water for your meal plus .75-1.5 cups(all depends on how large the meal is and size of pot)then put your food and water in the bag and stick the bag in the water(does NOT need to be on stove if it does not need to sit long to rehydrate) cover the pot. The water will be hot enough to keep the food cooking. When the food is done eat out of bag and use water in pot to rinse bag out(highly recomended or as smokeymountainsteve says it will stink),make hot drink or wash self. If you don't like eating out of the bag use the water to wash plate.

2003-02-09, 23:33
Don't cook your oatmeal, just sugar it up and eat it. Wash it down with whatever you've got. I like oatmeal raw better than cooked. Noodles are great as they don't require cleaning unless you use sauce, I use vegetable boulion instead, no mess, just as many vitamins as red sauce. If I make something messy like Macncheese I just put a little water in the pot, hold the lid on tight and shake the pot vigorously, that's usually enough to get it clean(ish)

2003-02-10, 18:42
To eat no cook oatmeal pour the oatmeal into your mouth, squirt water(or other fluid such as coffee) into your mouth, shake head around and swollow.Note: do not use lime gatorade and rasin and spice oatmeal together:D

Hog On Ice
2003-02-10, 18:49
Does that work for grits too?

The reason I like grits on the trail is that they seem to provide longer lasting energy than oatmeal.

SGT Rock
2003-02-10, 20:54
I vote grits with tobasco and some olive oil. Sticks to your ribs great - you won't be hungry for a while if you eat a couple of ounces (dry) of these.

2003-02-10, 21:14
how about some grits and sardines in olive oil for breakfast..might sound funny but a lot of folks eat grits with fish...just make the grits and dump in the sardines oil is already in the sardine can so no butter needed...when your making your hot tea water just dump at little of the water in your sardine can to wash out the rest of the oil and It'll re warm the last part of your grits...steaming hot to the end...

I put olive oil in my oatmeal..olive oil is the only fat I carry ..no margarine in the plastic squeeze bottle ..i don't even eat that stuff at home.

Olive oil is one of the most calorie dense foods that exist.

2003-02-10, 21:16
Works with instant grits just fine. If you use the ones that need cooking they may not rehydrate well until they reach you stomach and when they suck moisture out of your body things don't go well. I was told that chocolate dehydrates you by some one who was chomping down dry Ramen noodles at the time.

Tabasco is a great way of making thing taste good. Even makes burnt things taste good if you use enough. I have seen some guys put it in strawberry yogurt, toast with honey and other stuff. Even been told that Rangers use it as eye drops to stay awake. That would definitly keep me awake:eek:

SGT Rock
2003-02-10, 21:18
Habanaro Tobasco is a new ultralight theory I have. since habanero Tobasco is hotter than regular Tobasco, you can carry less for the same spice level.

I never though about sardines in grits, but I'm game.

2003-02-10, 21:22
I carry a small bottle with my spice mix in it ...garlic and red pepper flakes...it can even go with the grits and sardines...those fish oils are good for you and keep you warm...

2003-02-10, 22:11
Originally posted by pobbie
To eat no cook oatmeal pour the oatmeal into your mouth, squirt water(or other fluid such as coffee) into your mouth, shake head around and swollow.Note: do not use lime gatorade and rasin and spice oatmeal together:D

I met a hiker at the Kay Wood Lean-to in Mass. in Sept. 2001 who had that method backfire on him. While another hiker in the shelter was asking him how he could possibly eat his oatmeal that way, he suddenly got choked on it. He was really clogged up for 30 seconds or more, then started spluttering and it came out his mouth, nose, everywhere. He coughed a long time. But I assume he kept eating oatmeal that way all the way to Springer.

2003-02-10, 22:37
I know a guy that eats his oatmeal mixed with COLD water and a can of tuna fish( this was a few years ago he would use a pouch of tuna today)

2003-02-10, 23:09
Cold oatmeal and fish, I believe this is the reason the vikings all went crazy and left Norway.:p

2003-02-11, 09:30
i've heard some of you mention swigging olive oil at bed time to help stay warm, and using it while cooking for the extra calories. and in this thread some talk about fish oil.

i currently take fish oil supplements. they are very similar to like a vitamin e gel type capsule. would that be a good thing to have while hiking for energy, both on the trail and before bed on a cold night?

they are available everywhere vitamins are sold.


2003-02-13, 19:24
I never heard of any problems with this method but I suppose there is some potential for problems. I have spewed some out when I inhaled when pouring oatmeal into my mouth.

Uncle Wayne
2003-02-14, 07:20
One of my favorite breakfast on the trail is Pops or Smacks, (in the old days both formerly called Sugar Pops and Sugar Smacks), a pouch of Swiss Miss Cocoa, a pouch of Instant oats all mixed in a zip lock bag at home and with water added when you are ready to eat. Stir or shake until the cocoa is dissolved and enjoy. Provides quick energy on cold mornings. My meals are usually simple and planned with the opinion of "less cleanup is better."