View Full Version : Winding Stair Gap to Siler Bald(outside Smokies)

2003-01-08, 14:56
Hey Every body I'm taking a 3 Kids from my Youth group on a day hike on Jan 18th from Winding Stair to Silers bald(outside the smokies) How is the hike up to Silers bald. and I wanna show them a shelter and stuff since some of them are getting the AT itch( I think I'm rubbing off on them!) Is the Silers bald shelter a plain jane shelter if you have any stories or pictures feel free to email them to me!

Thanks WB

Lone Wolf
2003-01-08, 15:02
It's about a 4 mile hike up to Siler's with easy grades and switchbacks. The shelter is on a loop trail. It is a small and old shelter that sits in a small field.

2003-01-08, 16:39
siler's bald is great view..it is being maintained as an open bald...the shelter is old and funky...

Uncle Wayne
2003-01-09, 08:41
This is a good hike, nothing strenous except maybe the last 100 yards up the bald which I remember as pretty steep. A couple streams to cross and a magnificent view from the Bald. Hard to beat this place for watching a sunrise or sunset. It's been 3 years since I've been to the shelter but it was clean & in good condition then. There is a photo I made in the Photo Gallery (upper right corner of this forum's home page) showing the interior of the shelter. I have two photos there of "Silers Bald" shelters. There is also a Silers Bald Shelter in the Smokies which is almost brand new. Good water source just as you get to the shelter.