View Full Version : If you know web design - a little help please...

SGT Rock
2003-02-09, 19:39
I have been trying to re-design the site to go PHP instead of HTML. I know hardly anything about PHP other than it is great at dynamically updating pages, or even the entire site. I dont have time to sit down and learn PHP from scratch, nor do I have time to edit every page from scratch.

Does anyone know of a WYSIWYG PHP editor out there? Frontpage can't do it.

Wander Yonder
2003-02-10, 00:42
Sarge, I wish I could help, but I don't know anything about PHP.

I did find this list of editors that support PHP, but I don't see any WYSIWYG. http://phpeditors.dancinghippo.com/

2003-02-10, 10:03
sarge, i guess you're looking for an editor to generate the code as you lay out the page, similar to what frontpage does with html, right? if so, i doubt you're gonna find it. mainly because php is a server-side script. unlike html, vbscript or javascript, the code is interpreted on the server and the resulting html is sent out to the client-side (browser). there are a couple of editors which "supposedly" help you code in php (or asp or others, they're general purpose). two i've used are "primalscript" and "spiderwriter". i didn't particularly like either one, but they did do a good job at highlighting script and code-completion, plus they made it easy to preview the code you've written. however, you still have to learn php or they're pretty useless. sorry, i not much help. all my programming skills are with c++, visual basic and asp on nt servers.

SGT Rock
2003-02-10, 10:10
Thanks Chief, that explains why all my searches came up empty. I think I might need to find a night class at NWU in web design that would teach PHP. I figure I could use a database for the articles, maybe even the vBulliten then do some hacks. There is a way for me to make custome vBulliten code that replicates html. For instance I could make a code that said table_r that would make a table that justified to the right, saving a lot of code writing. So I could write a report from the field and just go {table_r}{img=imagename}{alt=text}{/table_r} instead of a bunch of code. Heck I might be able to make it shorter than that. But I think the point is I could develope the site where I could update remotely including some of the graphic stuff since I can attach files. The big problem as I see it is the bandwith since calls to the database would increase with every page converted.

2003-02-10, 17:43
hey sarge, there are many sources of PHP code on the web, you might even find something that's exactly what you need. in any case, studying other peoples code is the best way to learn a new language.

also, i wouldn't worry too much about increased bandwidth, as the database calls never leave your server. the only thing sent out is the resulting html (that is, if PHP works like ASP. i assume it does, otherwise i'm talking out my behind).

btw, i'm trying to do the same kind of thing with my website, except using ASP. it's tedious, dude!