View Full Version : SGT. Rock -- New Trail Name

Wander Yonder
2003-02-10, 00:49
Sarge, can you change my username here and over at White Blaze to Wander Yonder?

If not, I can just re-register.

SGT Rock
2003-02-10, 08:23
Done. How did you get that trail name?

Wander Yonder
2003-02-10, 11:22
It was kind of a group effort with friends who are helping me prepare for the thru-hike. I wanted something with a neat sound like Nimblewill Nomad's that would be fun to say and would also have something to do with wandering.

Was afraid I'd get stuck with something like "Chubby Mama" or "Little Ole Lady" if I waited till I got on the trail! :D


2003-02-10, 14:08
does this mean you won't be having lunch with aunt sharon:confused:

Wander Yonder
2003-02-10, 23:52
smokymtnsteve, I'll just wander over yonder and have lunch with her! :D