View Full Version : Snowmelt, anyone?

2003-02-10, 22:34
It was March 2001, camping on the ridge below Sandwich Dome in the Whites. Finding clean snow to melt into water was a particular problem on this trip as it probably hadn't snowed in 2 weeks and the old crusty snow on the ground was full of the usual junk - twigs, pine needles, etc. So we did the best we could. Until I noticed something very suspicious in the snowmelt pot. What followed was a conversation like this, between myself and a friend on only her second winter backpack trip:

Me: "I hope this isn't what I think it might be." -while scooping out the suspicious substance.

Her: "What do you think it is?"

Me: --no answer

Her: "Deb, you're making me nervous"

Me: "Let's boil this batch."

I had found a sample of fisher scat earlier in the day, so this was the first thing that came to mind when a suspicious substance was discovered in the pot. However, I believe the most likely substance was rotten pine cone. But we'll never know for sure...

2003-02-10, 23:12
Reminds me of a song by Frank Zappa...

2003-02-19, 15:12
On survival training in Feb a few years ago (enough that I can't remember how many) I can still taste the smoke and soot in the snow melt over an open fire.

I have no idea why I did not know about taking some coals out of the fire to put under a pot to do the melting... I guess I did not learn that until a bunch of years later...

It was not until this year that on one of these lists I read of just putting the snow in a black plastic gargage bag and leaving it out in the sun... Now that would have really tasted good!