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2009-05-20, 19:09
Many tourist are confused by the relation of China visa, Tibet visa or Tibet travel permit. Here is the most expertise explantion by famous China tour operator China Exploration (http://www.chinaexploration.com).

Tibet is considered as a province as Sichuan, Qinghai in China, so any foreinger traveling in Tibet must have China visa. And the China visa is still valid after he return to the inner land of China from Tibet, such as Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu.

But because Tibet is a sensitive area compared with Beijing, Xi'an, so the government require foreinger applying Tibet travel permit from local tourism department besides China visa, so tour companies mistakenly called it as ‘ Tibet visa’, actually it is a travel permit , not visa, because visa is issued from China Embassy, and Tibet travel permit is issued from Tibet tourism bureau. It is very easy for tourist applying Tibet travel permit when he is in China. China tour company can obtain the travel permit within a few days’ work just by his information of name, nationality, passport number, gender, birthdate, occupation. It is a piece of cake for them, and now the scanning copy of passport and China visa is needed, and taking a bitting longer days. Some times takes longer because the political situation in Tibet. It is the way of 95% tourist doing. Any of the tour companies in Nepal can not apply Tibet travel permit directly because only Chinese tour companies in Lhasa is qualifed in the application. But because many tour companies in Nepal have business relationship with tour companies in Tibet or other part of China, so they can get the permit through them.

If a tourist will come to Tibet from Kathmandu side directly, the government require any foreingn tourist must be checked by Tibet tourism bureau first in case any Tibetan terrorist and then grand them China visa by China Embassy. So the China visa information letter must be sent from Tibet tourism Bureau, and then the tourist can apply the China visa with the mark of " visiting Tibet " at Kathmandu China Embassy or any other China Embassy. It means tourist can apply China single visa with mark of " visiting Tibet " at his own country. But because each time it takes long time for Tibet tourism Bureau issuing a visa invitation letter, for Tibet tourism bureau, it is a huge work to issue many the single visa invitations for a group, also costing more money, so Chinese tour companies all apply group visa approval letter for groups entering from Nepal side, and require them apply group China visa at Kathmandu, because most of the time tourist gather at Kathmandu.

2009-05-20, 19:24
The Great Wall is one of the most fantastic wonders in the world as well as the sign of China. Chaiman Mao has said “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man”. More than 10,000 miles’ walls had been built in its 2000’s history in order to resist enemy of nomadic tribe. They waved up and down in the ridge of mountain, cliffs, plains and sparse desert. Although The Great Wall have been mostly destroyed by wars and times, a few of them still remains good shape as witness of history. Around Beijing, there are many section good for hiking. Below recommended the popular route of Jinshanling operated by China Exploration (http://www.chinaexploration.com).

Recommended Schedule:
1. Easiest one ( one day tour ) :
In the morning drive from Beijing city to Jinshanling ( about 2 hr’s driving ), hike from Jinshanling section to Simatai section ( about 4 hrs’ hiking, 4 miles ). Return Beijing in the late afternoon. The walls in this section are in good reservation and beautiful shape. A good place to taking nice picture.

2. Hard one ( two days’ tour ):
D1: after 2 hrs’ driving from Beijing city to Gubeikou, then hike to Jinshanlin section ( 6 hrs’ hiking ). This section is very difficult, mostly trek along the ruin of wall. The wall are almost destroyed in many place.
D2: Hike from Jinshanling to Simatai as above.