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2009-05-20, 19:30
In early July of 2008, the famous China tour operator, China Exploration (http://www.chinaexploration.com)received a special request from Captain John Disosway, who is son of Gabril Disosway, 4 star general of American Army. In the World II War General Gabril Disosway served in famous Flying Tiger of American Air Force at Xi’an Base of China, helping Chinese against Japanese army. There he had an breathtaking experience of escaping from Japanese army after he was shot down by Japanese in a crucial battle, and then Chinese villagers sacrified their own lives to save him, eventually he returned his army successfully.

Mr John Disosway hoped we could look for those villagers for him so that he could thank them for his father. After China Exploration’s devoting work, they found all of the related people and former battle sites very soon, but unfortunately all of the Chinese villagers 60 years ago have passed the world, just a few of their grandchildren lived in the village, and the story of saving Disosway was popular known in local villagers. And under China Exploration’s (http://www.chinaexploration.com)careful arrangement, John and his sister flied to China in November of 2008, had a nice meeting with the grandchilden of brave Chinese villager, rememorated the sites his father had fought and sheltered. And local government and media reported their trip in high altitude. Friendship of sino-America is pick-up again.

Below we unfolded this memorable history in order to make more people know it, peace comes not easy.

These are true stories, which happened in the area outside the cities occupied by Japanese aggressor troops. The Japanese occupied only cities and major lines of communication, but the surrounding areas were still under the control of our patriotic armies and people . They were active there, but the American pilots didn’t know this. They thought that all places around the occupied cities were whole controlles by the enemy, so failing down on these areas meant death. When our guerrilla forces ran to save them, they were teriified. The guerrillas took away their guns, in order to avoid the Americans making mistakes to hurt our people, they felt further that they were in am impasse. As they saw the coming men like common farmers and those faces were kind, they were surprised to be drawn by those people to the mountains or to the village.

On March 20, 1945 American bombers bombed Japanese storehouse, and military trains at the station of Xiao Ji on the railway from Beiping to Hanghou. They were counter attacked by the Japanese forces on the ground. One of the American bomber was hurt and caught fire. It flied with smoke toward the south. The pilot could not but parachute. He landed nearby Keng Chun village, Huo Jia county, about 8km from Xiao Ji station. The Japanese troops in Keng Chun station ran to the parachute to look for the pilot. In this critical time, an American fighting plane reached there shooting at the Japanese and helped the pilot to break away from danger. It was nearby dark. Youths Wang Zhenxin, Wang Caoye, and Wang Junri went out together an found unexpectedly the American pilot in the wild field. They led the pilot funning in the night. They met the magistrate of Huo Jia County Zhang Jincheng at at Nan Chen village. Zhang arranged a meal and a place to rest for them immediately. And then he sent a person to go to Xi Ying village, Zin Xiang county, telling the news to the vice leader of Anti-Japanese Self-Protecting Regimental Guo Jalin. Guo told his staff Li Chenzi and Shun Jabin to get a horse cart and they came to Nan Cheng village. Li could speak English. Through talking with the pilot knew his name was Gabriel Disosweet, and he was a captain of American air force. For the safety of the pilot, they let him change his clothes into Chinese cotton-padded robe, wear a big headgear, and sit on the horse cart. They followed Guo going to Xi Ying village. The Japanese and puppet troops of Keng Chun station were all out to ransack the American pilot, making a big turmoil everywhere. But they got nothing. The Jap was not giving up. They sent many spies to work secretly and offered a reward of a hundred thousands yuan for the capture of the pilot. And they announced if there was someone who gave shelter to the pilot, they would kill all the people in the village.
It was a hard and urgent problem how to shelter our American friend, a tall white man with big nose and blue eyes, from the Jap’s eyes and ears. About 2km to the south of Xi Ying was Xiao Ji railway station. And 3km to the east was Da Zhao Ying station. The enemy’s stronghold was spread all over the places.
There were many people coming and going from the home of Guo Jalin, so the situation was very tense. If the secret was leaked out, there would be dreadful consequencesl. Shun Jabin said:”Let the pilot hide in my home. The more times the Jap come to a place, the more safety there will be!” Hence Disosweet was brought quietly to Shun’s home. Then Guo reported to an unit which was situated in Xi’an. The leader there asked Tian Shuxin to go to Xin Xian county to work for the rescue of the pilot. Disosweet was an active man of 36 years old. When he was hiding in a dark and narrow attic order place, his feeling was not well. Every morning when he woke up, the first thing he did was to cut a line on his own leather boot with his long fruit knife, a sign for memory that he was in dire straits. Then he began to write letters to his families and friends in order to relieve his homesickness. However the letters could not be sent out. Some times he felt that he couldn’t remain there. One day when Shun Jabin was not at home, he went down stair and got out of the house. He wanted to take a walk on the street. Forunately, Shun’s families found him when he was just going out of the house. They advised him to return back. All the families were frightened into could sweat.
Owing to their living together every day the friendship between Disosweet and Shun Jabin, Guo Jabin, Li Chengzi became deeper and deeper. According to the Chinese old habit they kowtowed together for making an oath of alliance as brothers. Guo Jalin asked a person to take a photograph for them at the ceremony.
Tian Shuxin came to Xin Xian county and told Guo that they would arrange a plane to help Disosweet go to a safer place. Guo held a meeting with several close comrades to discuss the active plan. They decided to build a temporary airport before the airplane come from Xi’an. Then they went to the surrounding area to select the airport. But how could they build it up?! It’s an urgent task and also a hard dangerous work. On April 21, Wang Qingtian visited many families, arranged secretly a lot of young men to prepara ox-carts and horse-carts, stone rollers, tool etc.. He asked them to go to work after supper at about 20 o’ clock in the north of the village. Wang Qingtian led ten young men with about thirty horses and stone rollers. Under the command of Tian Shuxin they cut down the growing wheat, changed the place into a flat plain and pulled the stone roller on it over and over till it became hard.
The temporary air port was now in a length of 1000 m and a width of 10m. Later they prepared pieces of whit and red cloth, mirrors and straw stacks, in order to show the airport to the coming plane. At this time Disosweet was brought to the home of Guo Jalin and then got horse cart to go to the airport. Disosweet grasped Li Chengzi’s hand and said with excitement: “I can never forget my Chinese friends!” Then he gave his fruit knife to Li as a souvenir. And He took out a photo that they took together asking for Li’s signature. Li was moved also, and he wrote two words “Li Zhong” (that was “dawn”, meant that the bright day was coming) on the back. Then he gave the photo to Disosweet with his two hands.
This temporary airport was about 2km away from Da Chouyin railway station. Where there were two blockades over ten meters tall, and a platoon of puppet soliders were stationed for the guarding of the railway. And they were all under the Japanese army’s control. They were connected by telephone with the enemy troops that stationed in Xin Xian, Huo Jia and Xiao Ji. Under such circumstance it was extremely dangerous to build an airport. How brave were those Chinese people!
At the dawn of April 22, the plane’s sound was heard. Planes were coming from the southwest. Li Chengzi asked the young men t burn the straw stacks, and to flash the big mirrors. They gave the signs to the planes. Meanwhile one of the planes fired and bombed the Japanese and the puppet soldiers along the railway, flying around in the air over Xin Xiang and Huo Ja. That made the enmey hide in the air-raid shelter and dare not get out. Another plane was on the duty of air guarding and the third plane spiralled over there to make an inspection og the airport. A little while later a small plane of L-5 was guarded by a fighting plane and flied straight ahead to this temporary airport. Guo Jalin pushed Disosweet forward and all the persons ran to the plane. When the plane landed at the airport warm tears filled the eyes of Disosweet. He shook hands with all the persons who said good bye to him one by one. He said:” I can never forget you, my dear friends.” Then the plane rose to the rosy sky.
As time went by, Disosweet was promoted to the rank of General with 4 stairs. And he was the commander of the American air force stationed in Europe. But time couldn’t make him forgot his friendship with his Chinese friends. He still remembered the Xin Xian people who had saved him at the risk of sacrificing their lives.