View Full Version : Notched Blowdown

Hog On Ice
2003-02-11, 15:51
Notched - a type of blowdown is typically flat on the trail but just a little too big to easily step over - a trail maintainer will cut a flat notch about half way through the blowdown so that hikers can step in the notch to get over the blowdown easily. Notched blowdowns are almost always done by a trail maintainer with a chainsaw when the trail maintainer is worried about getting dirt on the chainsaw blades and dulling the chain. In wilderness areas (ie no chainsaws allowed) instead of a notch the trail maintainer may chop a small step into each side of the blowdown so that a hiker can step onto the chopped step and then step over the blowdown to a step chopped on the otherside.