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2009-05-28, 21:30
Seriously how much water do you all usually take?

I may be overdoing it a bit, but I'm hiking in the Silicon Valley area and it starts getting bone-dry here this time of year. I always make sure to inquire at the park HQs on the status of known springs/creeks before setting out.

In the meantime, I've adopted the following system. My main drinking water is currently a 2L Platypus inside the pack. In addition, I carry 2x .5L Plastic Pepsi bottles, that I call "Dinner" and "Breakfast". These two start the hike empty, but when I hit the last known good watering point before setting up camp for the night, I'll fill both bottles, plus the Platy.

I find the extra .5L to make dinner and another for breakfast more than makes up for little extra weight (two empty bottles) during most of the hike, and an extra liter for the last mile or two. Beats having to retrace my steps to a watering hole. Especially if that creek or spring I was counting on is actually dry.

Saint Alfonzo
2009-05-29, 10:41
Sounds like you have a good system worked out. I use a 100oz bladder with hose for the day and a 1L soda bottle at night. I fill up both before i leave camp.

2009-05-29, 11:29
Yeah, I have to agree you got a good system there. You know we all hate carrying heavy water containers, but we do enjoy drinking the luke warm water, don't we? Good luck.

2009-05-29, 15:46
It is a lot of weight in many people's opinion, but I generally start any hike with a full 2 L Platy and a liter Gatorade bottle full of tea. If I anticipate no water for a long spell, I fill up a reserve tank, too.

That is just me. I go through a lot of water due to meds I take.


2009-06-04, 18:29
Location, location, location. Hiking in northern New England and the Adirondacks, water is not an issue except on high peaks and ridges, and you can prepare for that. Otherwise, it's rare to go more than an hour without crossing a decent water supply. I rarely carry more than a liter with me.

2009-06-04, 19:21
Also probably a good idea to make like a camel and fill yourself up to the gunwhales before leaving a water source if the next water location is in any doubt at all. I find that even on hot dry days I can cover quite some distance without needing a drink if my 'belly bottle' is max'd out! [:)]

2009-06-04, 21:30
the answer is three. . . take three water. . . .

kayak karl
2009-06-05, 07:25
the answer is three. . . Take three water. . . .
no, nein