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Rich G
2003-02-11, 17:14
Hello All!
I'm very happy to have found this site, it seems a welth of good info!

I've done a limited amounted of camping and backpacking, mostly upstate NY.
Since moving down here to SW Florida, I've only been out a few times in ten years. That's going to change. Now!
Anyway, I just ordered a Hennessy Hammock, I think I'm gonna love it!
On to the questions:
Can any Florida campers (or anyone) give me some advice on a HH sleepping combo (bag and pad) for the SW Florida weather? I'm not broke but I'd like to keep it low cost...
BTW - anyone in or around the Lee co aera?


SGT Rock
2003-02-11, 17:45
I assume you are going to be in temps above 50 for the most part? For temps below 70, try your normal bag and a closed cell foam pad. Above 70, get an Army Poncho liner. Above 90, try silk or nothing.

Rich G
2003-02-12, 08:00
Thank SGT!

I guess I should have been a little more clear. I need to buy a bag and pad compatable with the weather here. The last few times I've hit the trail, I borrowed I light bag from a buddy. Can you recomend any reasonably priced light weight bags? For a pad I was thinking of a ridge rest. I should add, I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to the cold...


SGT Rock
2003-02-12, 10:10
A resonable priced bag that isn't super heavy and I have heard some good things about is the Campmor 20* down bag. Its about $110 and weighs 36 ounces.


As I understand it, the rating is really more like 35*, but weight and price is nice.

Rich G
2003-02-12, 11:42
Thanks Sarge.
Looks like a nice bag. Do you do any thing to keep the pad from moving around under you(velcro on the hammock floor?)

Thanks again

SGT Rock
2003-02-12, 12:21
No, I just use a wide pad. I like the 23.5" wide Army surplus pad. See my article on make your own gear about the wing pad for what I currently used.