View Full Version : Had a great time in N. Georgia over Thanksgiving

2003-01-08, 16:01
If you haven't done N. Georgia -- you gotta go. We Rv'd at Vogel State park and then I day hiked. It's only a couple hours to just about any of the trail heads. Other state parks are Amicalola Falls, Unicoi, and a bunch of others. All are near a portion of the AT.

I did Neel's Gap to Hogpen Gap with friends one day. Then Neel's Gap south to Slaughter Gap and then to Lake Winfiled Scott on another. Within the state park I did Bear Hair trail and didn't have time to do an overnighter on the Coosa Backcounty trail.

The parks are great places to stay - either camp, RV, or stay in the lodges or cabins. You can then hit the trails.

My plan for the near future is to go up, set up camp for the family at Vogel and then have the spousal unit drop me at Amicalola/Springer Mt. I'll then hike north to Neel's Gap that's probably all I'll get to do in one trip (gotta pay that mortgage) but can then do from Neel's Gap north on another visit.